2022 Holiday Sale!

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THANK YOU to everyone who participated in our holiday sale this year!

Hello everyone!

Thank you to all for another great year, we appreciate you!

For the holiday season this year, we are offering 20% off of orders starting right now and going through tomorrow night. So, 12/13 and 12/14 you can save 20% on anything by using the code "holiday20" (don't use quotes though) when checking out.

Please note, the total will adjust when you submit the order! The total amount due on the final page will reflect the discount so long as you use the code.

Thanks again, happy holidays to all!



  • Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dang I just saw this. I placed an order 20 minutes ago. Looks like I'll just need to order again and stock up. @medboy @LoudnCo @MerlinsMagic will any new flower strains hitting the menu today or tomorrow?

  • Thank yall! Happy holidays everyone.

  • Probably coulda held off a bit to see if there was gonna be restock but got worried wouldn't be and just took advantage best I could of the discount so thank you guys it's much appreciated for sure

  • @Vapedad78 I am updating the site as we speak, added some new stuff, restocking some products we've already had, but yes take another look in a bit!

  • I'm super stoked

  • Omg this is awesome! Thank you! Just ordered some skunk hero with my code, super excited to try it 😃

  • @medboy ain't gotta twist my arm but bout tapped out between black Friday and ticket placed earlier and still gotta finish kids shopping lol but zip indoor+premium some drops and chocolate was pretty decent lineup so definitely not mad lol

  • Sweeet! Guess it's a fantasy to think this will get to me before Christmas, but I am stoked to be able to place the order with this discount either way!

    Jack H, DJ Gold, Hawaiin Punch and Hulkberry Live Resin, and a White Widow cart as well. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! : )

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    Definitely didn’t need it but for 20% off I grabbed a zip of Mr Nasty as my last purchase of 2022. Probably going to be my last for a while as my home dispensary is full. Plus I noticed my Bitcoin history on cashapp for just the past 4 years buying here and mind blown 🤯

    Happy holidays to the MM crew! May your trees stay green all year long 🌲

  • I ordered yesterday and didn't put in the code- will you send more freebies? Nbd

  • @funkynugz right I feel that been tryna keep from looking at that screen🤣

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    Giving @HappyTrees a test drive with some Skunk Hero for my bestie and some DJ's Gold for my Pop as Christmas gifts (and birthday for Pop)even if it doesn't get here before then. Thank you for the sale guys! @medboy @medman
    Merry Christmas 💚

  • @Vapedad78 makes me want to start growing again but what you save in money is more than eaten away by time and energy and also money spent for supplies and electricity. Not a cheap hobby any way you look at it 😩

  • @MigraineWarrior79 Hope you guys like it! Happy holidays!

  • @funkynugz yeah I hear that too, would love to get some work in on that front but things soo much tighter than this time last year just really can't afford start up on new hobbies or certain ventures atm but fingers crossed hopefully near future can attempt

  • Happy Holidays MM team/shippers! Appreciate the discount! Couldn’t pass on the Oreoz 😎

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