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"I scanned the [news] page, something interesting caught my attention. The most recent post reported that the local police department was en route to FedEx to investigate a package containing marijuana. At first, I didn’t think anything of it, other than “Oh man, somebody is in deep shit.” But then, it hit me. 

What if the person the package was addressed to was me!"

From: High Times


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    Well, first of all, medicineman doesn't ship FedEx and second of all the police departments are not gonna waste resources , manpower and money, investigating a couple ounces of marijuana if they're going there to intercept something it has to be more than a couple ounces of pot.
    Of course, that's my opinion

  • It was ninety pounds of marijuana.

  • I actually live very close to the town that happened at

  • Moral of the story: Don't order 90lbs of weed.

  • Actually the lady arrested didn’t order it she flew in from California after shipping it and rented air bnb the police then did controlled deliveries on her

  • Basically, the only thing you can get arrested for is being an idiot.

  • I don't see the 90 lbs option selectable on the site . What gives!?

  • (Off topic but)...Have any Coinbase users recently received a notice/email saying we have to RENEW our PHOTO ID by Feb 2nd or we will be blocked from SENDING BTC....I normally DELETE most Coinbase emails because they are FAKE/SPAM attempts to access an account ?....Any advice appreciated ?

  • I get fake coinbase emails constantly but don't think recall that particular one

  • Not received anything like that from them in 5 years. Look in the address to see who sent it. If it doesnt say mark it unread and delete.

  • Got one of those, use cash app, so ignored email.

  • Thanks...Turns out it was legit...Medboy says it has to do with tax reporting requirements.

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