Storms in California and Usps

Just a thought had a label created on the 4th from merlin and it has not gone anywhere since.Did the storms impact usps just wondering never have I had a package sit from merlin for more than 2 days. Hoping everyone was okay after that nasty weather they had


  • Mine was made on the 5th and no movement since as well. Holiday backup, storms, who knows? Could be phantom deliveries without ID coverage. It happens too.

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    If they’re somewhere in this mess, and from what I’m watching on the news last few days, I’d say yeah travel and shipping are pretty challenging atm. Weather peeps saying more to come, something about an atmospheric river pattern.

  • Hoping everyone on coast is safe and hanging in and praying stuff didn't get washed away lol tomorrow be a week since putting in request and still saying label created waiting item so starting get a Lil antsy even though know it'll eventually show or made right just been amped to try Mr nasty after @funkynugz posted intriguing pic 🤤

  • @Vapedad78 a week for me as well with loud! I never learn my lesson ;)

  • @Southernbellesmoker understandable they usually bring the fire and last couple times snagged something from them were the quickest times I'd gotten anything especially from that are of world so didn't really hesitate this time but did figure with time of year and everything going on would be slightly longer but noticed finally seeing some movement so fingers crossed for everyone involved things go smoothly from here know we were flooded for a min and was a mess

  • Please keep in mind the floods and weather going on on the west coast. I'm sure our shippers have their hands full with trying to run a business during something like this. I'm also sure that the USPS is probably a bit backed up or having issues with transport. Nevertheless your product is on the way!

  • Definitely working on trying to be more patient as some things are out of everyone's hands and control and appreciate the effort the entire team puts forth to ensure touchdowns happen. Westside in our thoughts and fingers crossed LA river looked pretty rough and used to live on the east side so know them coastal storms can be brutal

  • You guys get your goods?

  • Touchdown yesterday and greatly appreciated twas some stupendous timing and quality care package overall appreciate all yall do and the fact yall still killing it thru the adversity

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