Happy Trees Hindu Kush (Outdoor)

Happy Trees knocked it outta the park with this one! Perfectly cured, not dry, and very potent!

I had undisturbed sleep for a solid 8 hours, which rarely happens for me. And pain relief out of this world!

Please keep in stock. 😂💚💨


  • Oh damn I overlooked that, really enjoyed the hk wax or diamonds forgot which but either Ma or loud had was really good but had to snag Georgia pie before gone again and try the 🍎 Mintz been hearing good things bout, that looks dense asf and definitely see some sparkling @MigraineWarrior79

  • @Vapedad78

    It's definitely exceptional! And so sparkley, especially in the sun.

    I'm probably going to pick up something from Merlin too. I need something for the day. Been considering the Georgia Pie & Apple Mintz(though the mintz is more for night)😊💚💨

  • Yesss got a oz coming Tuesday cant wait Love the Kushs

  • Awesome! I'm glad you guys like it and thanks a lot for the review @MigraineWarrior79.

  • @HappyTrees

    Ended up picking up some of your Lavender Diesel & Jager!

    Keep em coming. 😊💚

  • I planned on ordering this morning and now with this review it's all gone. Really need something to help sleep. Will you be getting more @HappyTrees ? Any chance you have an indica in edible form like your Drops?

  • @antfuzz

    Jager is a good helper with sleep, in my experience. I suffer from horrible insomnia, myself. I have some of Happy Trees Jager on the way!

  • @antfuzz Unfortunately I don't think so...we're going to re-up soon and get some more bud so I'll be sure to ask. We have indica Drops but nothing that's specifically made with Hindu Kush.

  • @antfuzz I agree with migraine warrior. Jager is close to Hindu kush. I've had both strains and they are very much alike...

  • Jager would have been my 2nd choice, had a few times and enjoyed it. Thanks for the recommendation.

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    I'm a little surprised that some think Jager is similar to Hindu Kush. It doesn't even couch lock me, but it does physically relax my body. One side of the family is Blue Dream, which is all sativa, not far from the landrace strains. I think there are 3 Thai parents in there. The other side is LA Confidential, which is pretty close to a Kush.

    It gets my mind going while slowing my body and pain. It does help with sleep after about an hour though. Before that, it's a very nice feeling. It's a great strain, but not like a Kush for me.

  • @cmweems1964

    Did you receive your Hindu today?

  • omg yes and its fire pics to come thank you Happy trees

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    Can you find more possibly?
    This is a great medicinal strain for me & I'm on my last nug. 😭

    Even if you can't find flower, but can find concentrate, I'll take it. 🤘💚

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    @MigraineWarrior79 That was the last of the batch :/. If we ever see it again we'll grab as much as possible. I thought that was a pretty good strain, too. As for concentrates we're not really looking to get into the concentrate business. Maybe like super far out but right now it's not really on our to do list, unfortunately.

  • MigraineWarrior79 i love it too.
    I am growing some right now its an auto and flower and I am 4 weeks in and will be interested to see the turnout!!

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    Thanks for looking out! It's probably my favorite strain, hands down. 😉
    That's totally cool about the concentrates. I've been trying to stir clear of them as they eff up my tolerance. 🤣💚


    WHEN I start growing, I'm definitely going on the hunt for some quality HK beans! It'll probably be a constant in my garden for how much it helps me. 🤣
    May your plants be blessed and yield you an abundance of icky, sticky, stanky, goodness!

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