Apples & Bananas

Grabbed a 1/2 of Loud's "Ultra Premium" Apples & Bananas. If it's as good as the last time they had this, I am stoked! That last batch was absolute 🔥 and that is coming from someone who has been toking since 1993 lol


  • @OzBaxter

    I'm staring at it myself! I had some A&B from Merlin that was a sub, and was some 🔥.

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    Yeah I'm scoping it too! @MigraineWarrior79 I still have a couple grams of that sub A&B!!! Been hoarding it for a rainy day!!!

  • @Mr4Sher

    I finished mine around NYE. Fingers crossed 🤞 this one is still around for that next paycheck! 🤣💚

  • @Mr4Sher @MigraineWarrior79 I finished my last A&B from Loud within five days of getting it 😂 My brain won't process "rainy day". If I know it's there,
    I'm going to hit it 👍🏼

  • 🤣. Sounds like I really missed out on the A&B. But if I hadn’t, I’d probably still have some left. I’m definitely a hoarder of those few strains that hit me just right. I still have some amazing Grape Ape from 2019 and some Donkey Butter from 2020. They both look, smell, taste, and smoke like day 1! Bovedas are awesome!😎🧐

  • Really looking forward to trying this one after all yall raved bout it but few on there in the ultra and premium teirs sound worth experimenting with so gonna have to build up the budget I guess

  • I bought the trim and I'm really surprised how good it is, has a few stems but good. Any feedback from any of you that bought the ultra premium flower? Kind of thinking about maybe doing that now. Thanks.

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