Bitcoin conversion wrong

I just placed an order and when I input the bitcoin that was asked for the total in bitcoin is 194$ not 190$ in the past its
it has always been off by a few cents but never 4$
I wonder if the conversion is off again medboy ???
Did anyone else notice tonight that the amount was more than the purchase by more than just a few cents?


  • @cmweems1964 I've seen bitcoin go down several hundreds in a few minutes. Bitcoin will fluctuate constantly.

  • Does make sense but I have been ordering from this site since 2019 and I have never paid 4 dollars more than what the order was for. its always been within a dollar thanks for the answer.

  • Can always duplicate the order and only pay the 2nd one if bitcoin changed in price significantly.

  • The conversion isn't off. The price is based on the exact price of BTC at the time you click "Submit". BTC can change minute to minute, second to second. It could change between the time you place the order and the time you check the BTC price within seconds.

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