Hawaiian Dutch?

Just curious if anyone tried any? Requested on the 22nd not showing any movement but hopefully get to try soon fucked up and waited longer than shoulda to restock


  • I want some. LMK what it's like when you get it.

    So into the landrace sativas now and that's probably as close as it gets right now because of the Hawaiian part of it.

  • @Sixwaychili will do definitely interested to try, haven't had a sat leaning in quite some time so curious as to how effects are gonna be just hoping it's moving and hasn't been scanned or something was mistaken it was between breakfast and lunch the 21st so praying for a miracle surprise in the receptacle tomorrow 🤣

  • I imagine the HD will be 🔥. I've been using the site for 4 yrs now..only see this comeback every so often. I would be willing to bet it's the same grower..past reviews have been good from what I remember. Hope yours arrives! @Vapedad78

  • @superman38NC good looking out appreciate ya really hoping. ID just is on the blink with being almost a week in tomorrow but still showing label just label on 24th but I got couple other things in there from other places and none have moved in past week

  • @Vapedad78 the past 2 times I've ordered from loud ID didn't really work. 1 was 6 days & other was 8 days. Both sat in pre-ship status & then magically appeared. THEN ID wanted to update 🤣.
    Just ordered some outdoor Blueberry from them. I'm excited, haven't had it in years.

  • @ChunksEggo8187 Yes ID has been terrible lately, having this issue with most packages no matter the shipper

  • I just had one last week never showed in usps but was in my mailbox in 5 days once i pulled up tracking you could see the scans but it was not making it to the informed delivery at all.

  • Appreciate everyone for sure. I'm trying not to check, but it does seem that there's been some movement on louds and label for merlin

  • I just got my Hawaiian Dutch today and the buds are friggen huge and stanky. Good Sativa effects, exactly what I was hoping for. It’s got me coughin too.

  • Only tried a tiny bit but I'd concur with that assessment thus far

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