Package held for mailability determination!!!

Please tell me this is not what I think it is
if so happy trees has a huge issue because there is a bunch of us that have issue right.
now Help what is going on Medboy do you have any news??????



  • It means that, most likely, they know it has cannabis products in it. Happened to me with a much less careful vendor. They won't do anything but throw it away. There's much bigger fish to fry than us small fries buying zips or less.... Hopefully doesn't get your address flagged tho. That's all I'd be worried about. Im.sure MedMan will make it right! He always does!

  • We're keeping an eye on the tracking for those packages. If they don't end up getting shipped out then we will reship them. Not much else we can do beyond that

  • I read the hold them notify the sender and after 30 days they are discarded

  • I came here to see if anyone else had same issue..
    Ordered from happy trees, shipping label created, next day status changed to forwarded 2 days later says held for mailability.
    Instructions say to contact postal inspector, but..figuring I better wait it out and pretend i don't know what's getting shipped and not contact them

  • We could go to the post office and give the mail sorter there something better to do! What a jerk

  • @HappyTrees do you know which ones area affected? I sent an email just in case.

  • So i guess my big question is knowing its not just me and a whole bunch of us should we order from them anymore untill this is resolved. I dont want to order and have the same thing happen. I have been here since 2019 and NEVER had a issue and happy trees is very new and maybe they should be very careful right now something in there process is not working to have a whole shipment held.

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    Had one of mine held up for mailablity issues. It showed a big red exclamation point on informed delivery if I remember correctly. It was not from MM but another vendor out of Cali. My pack contained .5 oz Back Mamba flower .5 oz GMO(Garlic Cookies), 2 friendly farms carts and 3 other carts. I think maybe some peach ring edibles too. I know it all got reshipped and I received everything. Inwas really worried my address would become flaged but that wasn't the case. Idk USPS is too concerned bout lbs or less of cannabis. Probably after fentanyl, MDMA, meth, coke, fske cannabanoids and these crazy new dangerous drugs like xylzine or however it's spelled. Come on USA LEGALIZE IT!!!!!

  • Your post just now @Mr4Sher eased my fears and I'm sure many others. May the universe deliver you what you're seeking in ABUNDANT fashion! Thank you.

  • Thanks dude. @happytrees any idea on a timeframe to reship in worst case. Do we have to wait 30+days??

  • For all you UN-informed the head ass hole of USPS is a repuklian appointed by the twice impeached lying traitor piece of exterminate.

  • Now I remember why I never come back on these forums. Thanks for reminding me I guess lol

  • Right lets keep the politics out of the weed talk!!!!!

  • Tell us how you really feel @antfuzz

  • I blame Lloyd Braun. time to point fingers and access blame. .bastards.

  • On a more serious note, status still the same on id, alert in red, delivery date unknown . No change since Saturday

  • tdk329 did it change to hold for mailability mine did yesterday

  • Ours is showing held for mailability since yesterday.

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    Wow I wonder how many have been held looks like a bunch or all they shipped Friday if i was them i would be shitting bricks because you cant sell what you cant ship. They should be taken down until they figure what went wrong!!! I had been ordering only from merlin and was loving the outdoor bud Happy trees had but now its merlin from now on for sure. !!!!

  • Just checked my id, did change to mailabilty, still in red about the only change

  • Mine was held as of yesterday - I ordered after I already knew there was an issue. I figured they'd adjust.

  • Medman sent me an email about it

  • Medboy emailed and said we have to wait the ten days and if there is no movement they will decided what to do then.
    time to hit up merlin for sure now good luck happy trees wow!!!

  • No instructions about contacting anybody, just laying low ...waiting.

  • image of exclaimation
    Held for Mailability Determination
    This is what mine says

  • I'd be patient and give them the 10 days

  • Lets all take a big breath together :blush: Our normal policy is packages within 10 business days. That goes for the same here, there is nothing we can do besides wait and watch tracking. However, if you have been part of the Med Fam for a while you know WE ALWAYS DELIVER. If these packages are not received or at least heading towards their correct destinations by the 10 day mark we will take care of all of you. You are all our top priority.

  • Thanks @medboy !! Not worried in the least bit. Love your service you provide us!

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