Splits on crumble

This may have been asked before but I couldn't find it anywhere...can we get splits on crumble or sugar wax? @MerlinsMagic I was curious if we can get splits when ordering 4 grams or so


  • @nefgreen

    It's been honored for me before. 😊💚

  • @MigraineWarrior79 thanks I wasn't sure and there are so many choices of crumble right now. It's been a while since I have ordered concentrates on here and I have never tried any of merlins

  • @nefgreen

    Right? I'm going to try some bubble hash and some crumble as well as soon as I make up my mind! Lol

  • They def will do splits! Just let them know in the comments and give them substitution suggestions just in case. I wouldn’t ask for a split for less than 4g though.

  • Will honor it

  • @MigraineWarrior79 please share about the bubble hash! Is it full melt? If so it should be dabbable. If not how do you smoke it? Add to bowls and joints? If that's the case what's the difference in marlins bubble hash and kief? Please lemme know cuz I've been curious. Thank you!

  • @Mr4Sher

    It's much more potent than kief. I've been adding it to my jays, and bowls, but I do have a tiny pipe that use for kief and now hash, but, holy crap is it potent!

    I have a hairline fracture from last weekend, and the hash completely takes away the pain.

    Very heavy eyes!

    Nothing like concentrates, by the way. More like a moonrock? Kinda. The taste & way it burns reminds me of moonrocks. Must be the oil.


    Is there some kind of cannabis oil in the hash? Lol
    Something I'm not familiar with.

  • @MigraineWarrior79 so is it full melt or not? Not trying to pester u about it just legit wanna know. If it's really full melt I might wanna cop some, if it is... @MerlinsMagic @medboy. Please lemme know of its full melt or isn't. Thank you 😊!

  • @Mr4Sher

    Not a full melt like a concentrate, sha, it ashes like a bud. 💚😁

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