Melmac Penis Envy

Has anyone tried. Doing tomorrow and was wondering if considered 50% or 100% stronger than typical strains? How strong are these ?


  • Ok. So. These babies are Strooong. Very experience doser and shroomer. Had 1.5 grm. 6 hours start to finish. Even after peak they come back again and again. Very heavy body effects, strong visuals ….I estimate 75-100% stronger than avg species I’ve had.
    Gave effects of the 3 gram level at least. 1.5 grm gave effects of a high dose for sure. Not heroic. But high. Very fun.

  • I have had a heroic dose for sure in my past. Over 20 years ago. Accidentally dosed about equivalent to about 12 grams dried. Didn’t know what a hero is dose was at time. Was young and stupid. But that experience changed my life. For the better that day. I have never approached a heroic dose again. I got all I needed from that journey. Total destruction of ego. Out of body. Communication with other entities. You name it. Not for the faint of heart. I try to stay under 3.5 for sure now. But. Maybeeeee one day again I’ll approach 5 grm again

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    I've done that @Drooper. It changed my life too. I don't even need it anymore because I've learned how to detect bullshit for the rest of my life and know myself better than most. I have a lot of issues, but I understand all of them and therapy couldn't possibly help me more than that last trip 30 years ago. That was 2 hits of lsd and 3 1 inch caps. I can force myself to have flashbacks if I try.

    I also never gave a flying fuck about what anyone thought of me since. I don't think people realize how much that imprisons you.

  • Feel u on that for sure. No one but someone who has made that journey can understand the power behind the experience and it’s hard to explain to others in words. Definitely life changing though and for me was all for the better.

  • Thanks for the update, I’m going to made a note that 1.5g is a full journey

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    They are fantastic! I usually go with 4g for a really solid trip although 1.5g is perfect for my wife. Note: 4g is a pretty hard trip

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    Last time I had them they were great, nice and strong. The malabars were superb. Very strong. Just ordered some makillas, hope they're on par also. Everything I've gotten from Merlin had been magic.

  • @ Merlin. I would estimate like 100% stronger than usual per gram. I think 1.5 was equal to about 3 grams. Not what I’d call a full 5 gram dose equivalent but it was strong. Very good time.

  • @medboy Can you write on the description it's about double as strong as many mushies?

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