SECOND empty package

Well, I guess my luck ran out. Got my redelivery from Happy Trees once again received opened and empty, sticker and everything.


  • What did you order? Forbidden fruit?

  • KillaBeez, but I think it's because it has the same name and shipper name on it so someone is looking out for it now

  • @SomeMalarkey_62

    That's terrible! I'm truly sorry this happened to you twice now!

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    @SomeMalarkey_62 I've never seen the same name twice, that's interesting. Unrelated, @HappyTrees yall use gum tape? I use it at work and oh man is it great. ULine sells them for cheap in packs and it's borderline invincible to damage, has to be cut with a sharp knife to get through and won't fall apart. Would be worth it to invest in a machine, the tape activates with water and makes packing shit ez.

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    @TacticGuy Sorry I meant my name, the shipper name was different. I might have to use a different name and a friend's address from here on out

  • I'm sorry to hear that. I wish all the best luck for you very soon. <3

  • @TacticGuy That sounds awesome we will certainly look into that.

    @SomeMalarkey_62 So what's going on on your end? Someone at the post office is opening your package and taking out your order and then sending you the empty box? We will re-ship to you as many times as it takes for you to get what you ordered. I recommend getting a po box and using a different name. Or if there's any other address that you can use to receive mail to use that for a bit.

  • Thank you so much @Happy Trees!! You guys are amazing, I sent @medboy an email with the new name/address. Also I do have an order coming in from @MerlinsMagic, I will probably have to get a reship for that too the way things are looking🤦 C'est la vie

  • Update: Merlin came in no problem, now I'm flying on some freshies!

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    So your package from happy trees got taken, but your package from Merlin did not? Thats kind of confusing. I just ordered from happy trees makes me nervous maybe I shouldn't have 😏 Thanks.

  • Thank you if I would've known that I wouldn't have ordered from them, most times I order from HT even when I want something from someone else because of the fast shipping times but the past couple times hasn't been so in fact I ordered I believe on Thursday and there was a label created today i belive it said, I remember my first few orders from happy trees. I got that it in 3 to 4 days and I'm in Florida.
    Anyway, it'll come, I do have to start thinking about other options though because I don't always financially have the luxury of being able to wait two or three weeks for weed as my finances are available usually when I'm getting close to running out just the way it is🤷🏻getting it within a week is OK but God for bid if you wait a couple weeks you don't get it then you have to wait another week or two for them to resend it or with loud the regular order takes 2 to 3 weeks I just can't do this. I have to find another place. That sucks. And nothing personal against any of them especially Loud if I was financially able to I would do most my ordering from them as they usually have stuff that I really would like but I can't wait a couple weeks to get my stuff.. I appreciate the service and everything they do. It's just the times for shipping or whatever is happening increased and makes ordering more difficult.

  • @Flapples I am currently going through a period where I don't know what's going on with my order, but I did message medboy and sent a message@MerlinsMagic because one of the items isn't on the menu anymore and I forgot to put a sub on my order, so I placed it on the 6 th, label made on 7 th but nothing since then. It's very unusual this to happen with MerlinsMagic they usually very good and get my order usually within a week, but not this time, but I understand mishaps happen, I do have a wedding and one of my products is for the bride and groom, I ordered early in Cass of problems, I got another week and a couple days so I'm praying mine gets here in time, esp since I am the best man.Good luck with yours and blessings to everyone here..

  • Finally got my KillaBeez! Thank you @HappyTrees !!!

  • @SomeMalarkey_62 Glad it finally made it to you sorry for the wait!

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