420 Sale!



  • Yeah, I just sent lite coin and it went through. Didn’t matter much to me since I buy the crypto after confirming order. Probably make one or two more orders later using LTC or BTC if the error gets fixed. I tried about 5 times and kept getting INF issue too. Not trying to refill an order form all day, lol

  • Yes I can also confirm LTC works. I had already bought BTC and tried a few times. But Coinbase allowed me to trade/convert it into LTC immediately, and now I’m all set. Good luck to everyone else, convert if you can!

  • Still not able to order. Are there any possible alternatives? I’ve been trying for 3 hours now.

  • After paying in LTC did u guys get payment received confirmation emails?

  • Having the same issue here. I'll check back later but the discount will still be applied yeah? @medboy order forum was corrected just in time as well. Thanks for everything.

  • @Ease per every order confirmation email:
    “Our litecoin notifications are not working at the
    moment. You are welcome to write to us to get payment confirmation if you paid in litecoin.”

  • So will the sale be extended so those of us that can not order today can still get a discount? I know I have probably tried 15+ orders and none worked. Sure is getting old refilling out the order form over and over.

  • Same here. Sorry to send three emails medboy. I can’t lose the bitcoin. Does anyone know how I can get it back.

  • Oof. I guess I should read eh? Thank u @funkynugz

  • I actually did not receive LTC payment confirmation from Medboy yet, but I believe that’s a manual process with LTC, and he’s probably busy with other issues. I will ask about it tomorrow if I haven’t heard anything. I don’t think there will be a problem, because I can see payment went through on my end.

  • Still no luck after trying on & off since 8:00am this morning....still asking for INF Bitcoin....will the sale be extended to make up for this lost time????

  • Yeah same as @part_time_liver but I’m not going to bug Medboy. The payment went through so I’m sure it’s fine.

  • Waiting it out for like a few hours

  • If litecoin is not giving the INF message then that will work fine. Some customers are receiving an amount when they try a few times. However, DO NOT calculate yourself, if you have done this and sent funds email me at medboy@medicinemansdispensary.com

  • Finally think I got it to work. Fingers crossed but finally got one I resubmited multiple times to spit out a BTC amount, think BTC was valued lower by time finally processed and requested split from 2 separate vendors, wish I'd been more prepared but hit a limit for first time in quite a while wasn't expecting so probably miss out on couple extras in concentrate and edible section woulda loved to snag on sale but can't complain bout deal was able to snag high hopes for UP trop juice and Gary Payton and also compare Indo gp to up gp out of curiosity but best can recall the Indo gp was really nice

  • Don't think you can get a split between two vendors. I think I read that somewhere

  • No one split from each of the 2 which I've done once or twice previously

  • The issue has been fixed!

  • A big thank you to this great site and sale! Ordered and paid this AM…although still no payment confirmation email which is unusual. Hmm 🤔, I suppose I shouldn’t worry.

  • Medboy came to my rescue. Thanks @medboy for taking care of the issue. You are the best!

  • Dang, I had no problems first thing this morning. I don’t think so at least. I got a confirmation email so I think I’m good. Sorry so many have had issues to day.

  • A big shout out and thank you to medboy for resolving the inf issue😊

  • Has anyone received payment confirmation yet? I’m getting pretty worried. I sent quite a bit of bitcoin.

  • Got payment auto-confirmation by email right after my BTC was blockchained, but I did wait to order until the site’s cart was working right again.

  • Waiting to hear from MB about this.

  • I couldnt get it to work. Yesterday or today. I tried again today and it doesnt work.

  • Is sale over tried putting in again but getting bad zip or discount code now

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    MB has come to the rescue once again! Thank you! MB & MM

  • Well lemme know please if get a sec @medboy had one more thing was gonna try get before sales over but still getting error

  • @Vapedad78 The sale was only for 4/20.

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