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We are aware that some orders are showing INF instead of the BTC amount owed. Please DO NOT send what you think the amount is, where you get you calculation from may not match ours at that second and the order WILL NOT PROCESS.

We are looking into the error. In the meantime, please wait and try again a bit later today.

If you have already guessed at the amount and sent payment, email me with your info and I will take a look. For others, please don't do this, it creates a huge headache and the likelihood is the amount won't be right, requiring manual calculation and possibly further payment.

Thank you,


  • I sent btc and it went through on blockchain. What do i need to do

  • @medboy In the same boat... I emailed you and trying to patiently wait 😬

  • My btc hasn't been returned to wallet either

  • Sorry for any inconvenience I've caused just need to know what to do thank you

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    I knew I should’ve waited. Sorry for the inconvenience. I have emailed you guys about this.

  • So sorry for any inconvenience just need to know what to do next... I've learned my lesson and Im gonna wait if anything like this comes up again.

  • I'm currently in the same boat. I sent out my btc.

  • @Zackarrry same, confirmed on blockchain. I'm guessing mb will get to us 1 by 1.
    So sorry @medboy for the inconvenience

  • @ChunksEggo8187 your right buddy I hate this happened

  • @medboy will I get the order I paid for or are you guys gonna refund the btc I sent I'm just a little worried that's 225$ that I just sent and I'm kinda worried I know it's not your guys fault at all my anxiety Is getting the best of me

  • Dude don't worry. Medman always delivers

  • @RandomGuy I know idk why my anxiety gets to me @medboy has always delivered and made things right.

  • If you have calculated the cost yourself and sent BTC, please email me at

  • @medboy I've emailed you still trying to wait patiently 😬

  • It worked!

  • Also got a page to load actual BTC amount after discount finally after resubmitting multiple times and payment received email, fingers crossed and race is on, interested to see how these play out with recent anomaly

  • Finally BTC resolved.

    Felt like a funkin lab monkey pressing buttons to earn bumps of cocaine but the damn machine keeps spitting out baby laxative. Waste of much of the day but the deed is done. Dang, getting high used to be so easy 😆

  • It's looking like it's fixed!

  • @ChunksEggo8187 hey buddy get everything going sorted yet?

  • @Zackarrry hey bro! Yes, received an email from MB. Glad the site seems fixed now but I'll never send anything if it says INF again. How about you? Once you get that email, hopefully it alleviates some stress. It did for me.

  • @funkynugz definitely had us earning that discount this time🤣 wasn't that bad I checked few times between midnight and 2 then again between 6 and 7 then caught a nice nap till started trying again and finally got through but endorphins were nice when finally succeeded lol

  • @ChunksEggo8187 yeah I did as well bro anxiety chilled out I'm at work and my welding was very subpar earlier lol

  • @Zackarrry 🤣 I couldn't concentrate for shit at work. Thankfully it's over & I'm puffing on 1 now.

  • @Vapedad78 wish I handled it more like you. My ocd kicked in once I saw the order form was fixed and I was pavlov-ing that submit button like a mad dog 😂

  • Oh don't get me wrong anxiety was definitely amped up and was sweating it out lol but it did give me more time to find little extra fundage although wasn't able to do whole lot more than originally planned least had leftover coins instead totally cleaning out wallet 🤷🤣 friggin human brains are a pita sometimes lol

  • @Noj81 did you get a response from Medboy? I have not.

  • @Jaybird922 yes I did yesterday afternoon around 1:30 central time...

  • @medboy emailed you about my order yesterday

  • @NeedsWeedz You should have received a response from me by now.

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