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My order came through after I placed it during the 420 sale, label created 2nd day, shipped cross country and arrived 2 days after! Happy trees is seriously on top of things, if yall are running out and need stuff quick definitely give em a try. Haven't been let down yet out of 4 orders.

Got my runtz and maaan are they nice, decent size, smell good and sticky as hell, gonna keep em in boveda for a couple days and give a final review. Pods are potent as fuck, banana nerds is really good, sweet and sour. Good quality and just feel nice overall. Appreciate yall @HappyTrees

Sounds like a sales pitch but fr, seen a couple people on here waiting 2-4 weeks for orders from merlin and loud, crazy man.

Feel free to use this thread for all things HappyTrees or yalls experiences, interested to know about everything else they got.


  • Appreciate the review! Hell yes @HappyTrees is on point. Except for that hiccup in shipping, all has been excellent.
    Haven't been let down & don't plan to with the quality they put out.

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    Man I'm excited to get those pods hopefully tomorrow. Ordered a split of runtz and fruit rollup..have a label on that for now. So far I'm also pleased with HT's products too!The sample J was probably a full G and hit 🔥.

  • Happy Trees has been nothing but great to me as well! 💚

  • My 420 order of ice cream cake smalls arrived really fast. It's great stuff and their outdoor buds have been really good too. And as superman said their freebie Js are always great 🔥

  • Thanks for the love guys and we're glad you all like what we're doing!

  • Are you getting more ice cream cake in @HappyTrees ?

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    @MikeyC maybe if some of the other growers we buy from grow it at some point. We weren't very happy with the transaction we made with the people we got that Ice Cream Cake from so I don't think we'll be buying from them again.

  • All good. Love the variety and you do what's right for you because the quality and high has been excellent. No mids here so far

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    You split my og kush and mimosa but not the makilla gorilla with the melmac PE and I paid the higher prices for it- oh well! Thanks for the quick turnaround time @MerlinsMagic - hopefully the melmac will be there when I order again.

    I blame the inf

  • These makilla are awesome. Holly shit

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    The sherbadough prerolls are my fav! @HappyTrees any chance you can get more of those or offer the flower? Read that originated from Oregon. ❤️ The effects!

  • @superman38NC We are going to keep an eye out for those and others like them...they where supper popular so we would certainly like to get some more!

  • I got a split of Ice Cream Cake and Mendo Breath smalls. I haven't tried either yet, but you just know it's going to be amazing from the smell and look. It was an ounce split, and it was 4.5g heavy, which is a nice bonus.

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