Outdoor NY Diesel

Has anyone tried the Outdoor NY Diesel from MedMama? The price for Outdoor is significantly lower than others - Am I sacrificing potency when I choose Outdoor bud?


  • No, not really. Especially not right now, because the outdoor harvest is so fresh. The outdoor we have should be really great because of that.

    The biggest reason why outdoor is a lower price is because it is much cheaper to produce. The farmers pass the savings to us and we pass it along to you.

    I will admit that greenhouse and indoor is often more potent by a few percentage points. But great outdoor bud can compete on every other metric, toe to toe.

  • I prefer outdoor most of the time. I don't even know why.

  • Thanks for the response, @medboy , and it looks great (still sealed - enjoying the "Premium Purple Jack" MedMama sent as my freebie - amazing)

    This is my first time ordering outdoor, and I don't recall ever getting a vacuum-packed bag before. Based on your response, is it because outdoor-bud is harder to keep fresh? If yes, I'm wondering if the oz could have been vacuum-packed in four quarter-oz bags, for example, so I could open as necessary.

    Just a thought

  • The main reason why our shippers use those bags is to prevent any smell from leaking out so your package doesn't get seized!

    They are great for keeping bud fresh, but if you put the bud in a sealed glass jar and keep it in a cool dark place then it should stay fresh for weeks that way. Of course, if you prefer separate vacuum seal bags then you can request that from the shipper in the comments of your order and you'll probably get it.

  • It's always concealed great, but this time it seemed a bit more snug, that's all.
    Thanks for the response

  • I use an attachment for a FoodSaver to suck the air out of a mason jar which seals it. I grind a bit of it and keep that in another jar with a screw on top. I buy an ounce at a time and it lasts for a few months.


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    Thanks, that's a nice and inexpensive product.

    @medboy , Ironically, this is the freshest batch I have ever received - nice and moist. A little goes a long way. I hope I can keep it that way.

    Thanks again for all you do.

  • @medboy , you weren't kidding about the freshness and potency of this outdoor batch. I followed the advice of keeping the bulk of it air-tight. I opened the jar on a recent refill, and the entire room was immediately saturated in the smell - amazing!

    I guess with outdoor, you just need to pay attention to the harvest date, and you're good.

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