Burma mushroom first timer

I want to try mushrooms for first time to see if helps with depression and mental health I've heard good research on micro dosing...What do you recommend first timer is Burma a weaker mushroom how much should I take for first time don't want to get sick or take too much until I know the effects any input I would appreciate it


  • I wouldn’t worry about the strain to much . Set and setting are definitely important. If your accustom to taking drugs I’d start with.5. Hope you find what your looking for good luck

  • @Azfirekush

    If you want to microdose, start with .5 grams to 1 gram, then work your way to a heroic dose if you want to have a real experience.

  • Only done weed have had some strong edible dosage...look to have mild experience for healing possible good revelations at .5 gram what would be the effects?

  • There's a big difference between microdosing and recreational dosing. Microdosing will just improve your mood and creativity without the visual effects and euphoria. .5g is usually the max for microdosing. I'm sure you could go to work or shopping or school while microdosing without anyone knowing. But try it at home first.

  • @Sixwaychili beat me to it. Typically microdosing kickoff for depression is as low as .1gm. Doing light dosing isn’t therapeutic in that way.

    Fwiw I tried dosing based on the “one day on three day off” schedule for several months and marked it as a fail. Realized it was making me irritable af between dosing cycles.

  • I will try microdosing first see how it affects me then do more..from what I read shrooms you don't do them every day like weed I wouldn't..I would like to have a therapeutic session will start with microdosing

  • For what it's worth, here's my experience with mushrooms.


    Here is some info on mushroom dosing.



  • I thought .15 is a microdose and like .5 is a mini dose

  • Thanks how does Burma vs penis envy compare for a first timer what do u recommend

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    @Azfirekush burma is a much milder trip. Good buzz and pretty good visuals. Penis Envy is a lot heavier body buzz and stronger trip. If you are new to shrooms Burma is a good choice. That said, start with a small dose .5 gm or so. You can always go more if needed

  • Great tips everyone. I’ve been wanting to try too!

  • Burma is much better for someone who’s is new to shrooms. Good fun buzz with decent visuals. Still start with a small dose .5g or less and work your way up. It is a lot easier to get really spun out with penis envy’s. They are much much stronger. And like @Sixwaychili said, always try at home first before doing it in public.

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