Custom Order?

I really like the THC Gum Drop gummies (20qty with 25mg each) but they simply are not strong enough for me. Is it possible to do a custom order and get them in 100mg each?


  • @LoudnCo offers 100mg gummies! If you order them just add to the comment section that you would like all 100mg.

  • Damn half one has me feeling decent a whole one especially if not taking daily usually hits me pretty hard and don't always feel need to supplement with flower or something else, so pretty thankful not missing that enzyme or anything, good look in your quest but maybe try some abv and peanut butter

  • You could also eat 4 of them?

    I've taken 2-3 before, but 1 is plenty for me. I take them before bed to sleep through the night sometimes.

  • The custom gummies are perfect. They came 50mg stronger than I asked for and its the perfect dosage.

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