Greenhouse Thin Mints/Blackberry OG

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My order landed today...on my first day of Summer!🥳 We ordered a 2 ounce split of Greenhouse Thin Mints and Blackberry OG Saturday night, so it didn't ship until Tuesday (with Memorial Day) and still landed Friday before 1:00pm. Nice! Still love your packaging @MerlinsMagic (keeps me coming back!) and the freebie J of Cereal Milk! However, I'm still here scratching my head as to what I actually have. We ordered two ounces of Thin Mints, and in the comment section requested a split of 1oz Thin Mints and 1 oz Blackberry OG. We received two ounces, but their labeling is curious- typed as follows:
Ounce #1:
"1oz Greenhouse-
Light Assist
-Thin Mint
sub Blackberry OG"

"sub Blackberry OG" was lined out in ink.

Ounce #2:
"1 oz Greenhouse-
Light Assist
Blackberry OG
sub Thin Mints"

"Thin Mints" was circled in ink.

By looks and aroma, I'm pretty sure I've got two different strains (brief reviews to follow), but not 100% sure. Maybe my friend @superman38NC could confirm as well.😁

Ounce #1 is virtually all smalls...there was one bud that was maybe the size of a quarter, the rest were really smalls and dry. Bag appeal isn't so good. The nose on the bag (and plate) is very nice...sweet, light mind wants to think a hint of mint but that's probably because I'm thinking it's likely the Thin Mints. Buds are pretty little green, trichomes covered, spade shaped budlets especially under a magnifier!🤣 I've ground a little and after the first couple hits I was pretty sure this was the Thin Mints. I gotta give @superman38NC credit on this purchase...he speaks truth! I was pretty stoned after the first few hits, but finished off the bowl and sat to work on getting everything jarred, Boveda'd, and put away. No sh!t my friend, this is some amazing bud! I've never had the chance to enjoy Thin Mints before...even though Sunset Sherbet and Gelato have always been two of my go-to's. It is distinctly different from GSC! It's been two bowls in the last 1.5 hrs and I'm loving the really stoney indica cerebral effects, but not so much that I'm fact, my body and mind are extremely excited and busy...but everything is calm and relaxed! Yep, pretty sure this is the Thin Mints.👍 Great deal!!

Ounce #2 is different. There are a couple of smaller buds, but only a couple. Most are longer and thicker (still loving the ziplock sealed folded bottom bags @MerlinsMagic...keeps the buds from getting crushed!) There's one bud on top that's the size of my thumb...a knobby looking thing with a big stem down the middle (the bud, not my thumb). 🤨 These are also dry, but the overall bag appeal is much better than Ounce #1. The nose is very nice...similar, but sweeter than Ounce #1 with more berry. I'm guessing/hoping that this is the Blackberry OG, but I'm not going hit it until later. A line through "sub Thin Mints" would be more clear that circling "Thin Mints." If its affects are good as the Thin Mints, it will put me to sleep. I'll update tomorrow.

So far, couldn't be more pleased...or stoned. Time for bowl #3...let the Summer begin!😎🧐


  • As always, I appreciate your review! 😎

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    Awesome review my friend!! @TheProfessor Smoking TM as I type. Sounds like your spot on with picks. My thin mints is small rock hard buds. Boveda did the trick was very dry and bag appeal like you said. The aroma is not typical to thin mints which is.. well more “minty” imo but instead this batch has a light berry aroma..very pleasant! Some buds slap you in the face when opening the jar. This TM I could live in it. Glad you like it!

    That black berry sounds fire!

  • The blackberry og definitely put my eyes at half-mast if you know what I mean. It's definitely one to save until night time. That thin mints is intriguing. Always love your reviews @TheProfessor.

  • Love the Thin Mints @superman38NC! I wouldn’t call it “minty” at all either…but maybe just an hint. After sticking her nose in the jar I asked the wife if she smelled any mint…”maybe.” 🤔. We both love the aroma and the effects! What a great strain! We broke out the Blackberry OG about halfway through John Wick 4 last night. It’s also really good. Not the sleep strain that I was hoping for, but I agree with you @bluedreamer it put our “eyes at half mast.” It’s got a nice stoney indica high which came with a little couch lock but definitely didn’t make us sleepy. It’s a really nice evening strain. @bluedreamer can you confirm my description above for ounce #2 as what you received as BlackBerry? Thanks!😎🧐

  • @TheProfessor I had split a half between the Blackberry og and Purple Thai, which btw is a nice sativa for morning chores. Not speedy. The Blackberry I received which was clearly marked, were dark buds about thumb sized with like you said, a faint berry aroma but a little funky gas smell as well. Gave me a nice indica stone but again like you said not a put to bed indica. It was good for watching the basketball finals though. I am a fan of mixing strains for effect and I found if you add a little of the Cherry Sherbet HT had a while back, a lttle Tahoe OG and Grape Ape that Loud had and the Blackberry, you get a good combo that will definitely put you to bed. Works for me and my high tolerance.

  • Thanks @bluedreamer, appears to be the same. I’d just like to have some Tahoe OG or Grape Ape by themselves. My last ounce of Tahoe was from my medical dispensary…knocked me out every time. Problem is, good medicine is hard to find and rarely sticks around long. My current go-to for sleep is some dispensary Snowball. Best strain for sleep I’ve ever had…vaped or smoked!😎🧐

  • I have the blackberry of as well, and big buds some thumb size a couple small bugs but nothing bad and all, so I love it.

  • Buds not bugs sorry for typo

  • @Thinktank9000 you had me worried for a minute.🤣. There have been small “bugs” reported before from a vendor no longer here.🤢. The Blackberry is some nice relaxing medicine!😎🧐

  • Glad you liked it. It's always a toss up if getting bigger nugs is better (more appeal but more stem weight) or smaller nugs ( less bag appeal but more smokable weight)

    Love the feedback on dryness, with summer here we are going to humidify them a bit.
    Glad you like the bags, I wanted the finished bag to be nicely presentable.

    We will do our best to get rid of confusion on the subbing. I've been ordering higher quantity so subbing happens less, but it's always helpful to mark anything else desired so we're not guessing.

    Circling what it actually is will be best I think... sorry for the confusion.

    Glad you enjoyed regardless, and feel free the email @medboy for a 10% discount on your next order for the pro and helpful reviews.

  • Thanks @MerlinsMagic I'll take you up on that! Ordering some Purple Kush now, but will be ordering a couple more ounces to review.
    Your consistency, packaging, and quality keep me coming back! Thanks @MerlinsMagic! 😎🧐

  • @MerlinsMagic I look forward to reviewing your Purple Kush sometime this week, and hopefully your greenhouse Georgia Pie and Snickerdoodle Haze before next weekend!😉😎🧐. Thanks!

  • Just an update on the Blackberry OG. After almost two weeks with a Boveda, this is like a new strain. It’s sticky and hits realty hard! The terpenes are back! We smoked a bowl last evening as a set up for bedtime, and it just knocked us out. Caryophyllene, Myrcene, and Limonene tend to be my recipe for sleep. I hit it again when the wife got up for work around 4:00 and I slept for another 3-4 hours! Amazing! @friendsofbillw if you’re still looking for something for sleep…it’s definitely working for us. Every bit as effective as the Purple Kush. It just needed a little moisture.😎🧐

  • Thanks @TheProfessor I actually still have some of the Blackberry OG from a couple of weeks ago. You are correct, it does help with sleep however it does not knock me out. I have only vaped it so I am going to try a few bowls this evening and see if I notice any difference with combustion.

  • I also enjoy vaping @friendsofbillw, but for sleep, it kind of depends on the strain. I find vaping more flavorful and subtle. I prefer to vape my Snowball as it gets more psychoactive when combusted. Vaping it puts me out. The Purple Kush effects were much lighter when vaped, so I smoke it, along with the Blackberry OG. I’m interested to know what kind of difference you note.😎🧐

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  • Thats the issue when you pay for bud you shouldn't need
    Boveda packs . Unless you accidentally leave your jar open . Dry bud = old bud thats past its peak .

  • Agreed @Tac, which us why I addressed it above and @MerlinsMagic responded. I will say that my last two packages this past week of outdoor, greenhouse, and a bunch of sample buds were all nicely cured and hydrated. We have some licensed cultivars here in my state that are still trying to get it right. Nothing worse than opening prepackaged flower and it crumbles in your hand.😎🧐

  • So I ended up smoking a couple bowls last night of our previously ordered Blackberry Kush and it did shut my eyes at the 75 minute mark. The things I always wonder is the previous night I only slept about 3 hours, so was my body and mind just tired to begin with OR was it the effects of the Blackberry... I will try it again this evening since I am fully refreshed today from a good nights rest and see if I can repeat the effects!! Thanks @TheProfessor I always use Bovedas and the Blackberry is smelling very Kushy with a hint of fruit.

  • It seems I’m always chasing sleep @friendsofbillw. Wow, 75 minutes! The wife and I shared a bowl in bed and she tapped out. I smoked a second, rolled over and was out…30 minutes top. Totally agree, the Blackberry has a really nice nose!😎🧐

  • The professor. Dry bud is very disappointing . Thats way am mostly white market now with strains that show moisture content included in coa.

  • A final note on this batch of Blackberry OG. I’ve found Blackberry over the years to be hit or miss, but this is probably the strongest Blackberry I’ve ever had. Knocks out my insomnia with just a couple of hits…any time of night. I’m down to three buds at 7.6g! This was excellent greenhouse flower!😊🧐

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