Indoor and premium

Just hoping to see some more indoor and premium added on menu soon as options getting sparse while waiting on couple splits from ht



  • No doubt man, the flower choices have gone stagnant. Total bummer!

  • It's coming!

  • 😂😂😂

  • They're up today!

  • Hoping for some more indoor from all vendors that section been sparce of later, please and thank you, appreciate y'alls effort and items have all been on point recently as well

  • We'll be getting more next week!

  • Good to hear , if hadn't already tried both that were on menu recently , woulda snagged some them but to keep tolerance under control try to keep variety rolling over

  • Getting more premiums, ultras, and indoors shortly, get ready

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    Yep…a couple of indoor strains I was hoping to see again. Ordered some Mochi and Sundae Driver this morning. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen either! Thanks @MerlinsMagic! 😎🧐

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    As always great minds think alike 😉 @TheProfessor ordered Sundae Driver yesterday! I still have some Mochi in the cab but this batch looks great!

  • As always, my friend @superman38NC!😁It was a nice surprise to see them both pop up on the menu, especially the Sundae Driver. It’s been a long while since we’ve had it…but I remember it being somewhat of a staple here for a couple of years. I’m happy to see it back and hoping for 🔥. I look forward to your pics and review!😎🧐

  • @superman38NC how's the mochi? Just requested split on sundae driver and dip n sticks yesterday myself never tried either missed Sundae driver previous time was on menu

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    @TheProfessor same here! Was scoping out the premiums then saw the SD which like you said hasn’t been on here in a while. The picture looks textbook SD so I’m excited. Looking forward to your thoughts as well. So many great options right now between all the shippers.

    @Vapedad78 ive had Mochi a few times and really enjoyed it. Similar to Oreoz in flavor and effects if you’ve tried that before. The batch up now looks nice and sticky. If the SD is as good as I remember you should like that too. If you get DipnStix let me know how that is. 😎

  • Will do and yeah just finished up little of the Oreoz and it was pretty decent for sure, excited to check those out, appreciate ya and good luck with turnaround till touchdown

  • I’m excited as well @superman38NC…kinda feeling nostalgic as it’s been so long since I’ve had either. I generally have generic (but good!) dispensary Gelato around, but I finished my last ounce a week or so ago. I was eyeing some local Gelato for Tuesday (Military Day…vets get 30% plus 10%) but the Mochi popped up! Now I can shop for something else!😎. It’s been awhile since I’ve had Mochi Gelato…I love all the Gelatos…I just know it’s going to be good! 🔥. If I remember right, #47 Mochi is the more energetic of the Gelato phenos @Vapedad78. And Sundae Driver…I went through a lot of it a couple years ago! The pics do look like classic SD. Yeah, I’m excited to get this package!!😎🧐

  • @TheProfessor hell yeah, honestly everything from everyone been pretty good for little stretch now

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    @TheProfessor nostalgia is the best word! Hoping it delivers as I’m sure it will. Like @Vapedad78 said lots of good ones as of late. My lungs and wallet are hurting 😂. Thx for the info on the gelato’s! I’m with you I about like them all. I recently finished a 1/2 of the Watermelon Gelato and it’s up there with my favs. I see @merlin has that as an ultra prem. Man I’m jelly with that 30% vet discount…one day it will happen here in the good ol south.

  • Agreed @Vapedad78 @superman38NC! Everything I’ve gotten this year has been outstanding across the spectrum.
    I’ve got a problem…and the wife hasn’t said a word.😁. I’ve ordered a lot from here this summer…more than I need…and then there’s my prescription that gives me up to 4.5 ounces every 45 days. Yeah, I’ve got a cannabis problem…I’m addicted to the hunt!🤣 It’s medication, recreation, and a pretty cool hobby, albeit an expensive one. I see legalization coming sooner rather than later, nation wide. I think there’s hope for everybody eventually.😎🧐

  • The amount of BTC bought but sent out and not in my wallet😬🤦🤣 is what it is and gotta do what ya gotta do🤷 watermelon gelato sounds intriguing and a premium version definitely peaks interest

  • “It is what it is” indeed @Vapedad78. I made the mistake last night of asking the wife how much we’ve spent in BTC here over the years…😳😳😳! OMG 😱! We’ve been buying here for almost 6 years and that’s the only BTC I’ve ever used. I was stunned!😁
    On a more frugal note, the hunt went well this morning. Military Day (40% discount) at one of our dispensaries netted me an ounce of Orange Mac smalls (27.7%) AND an ounce of Blueberry x Cali Hash Plant smalls (25.1%) for $180.18 OTD!! Best score ever!😁
    Got a label printed yesterday morning on our Saturday order of Mochi and Sundae Driver from @MerlinsMagic and hope to see it by the end of the week.😎🧐

  • @TheProfessor that's awesome love scoring a good deal, I'd rather brag about saving s ton than spending a ton lol yeah total 😳🤦🤣 good luck and fingers crossed hoping the same seen label at least yesterday at some point believe interested to test dip n stix and sd as well but been tryna experiment more with sativa or leaning energy

  • Me as well @Vapedad78. New meds for anxiety and panic attacks have recently brought balance back to my life and I’ve been able to experiment with some sativa leaning hybrids and some sativas. I still research carefully, but I’ve discovered a bunch of strains that I really like!😎🧐

  • Yeah got anxiety and ADHD so definitely takes some experimenting but ones that don't induce panic been nice change of pace

  • @ theprofessor, I have never bought from a dispensary. I am a veteran and I have thought about it. Do all dispensaries give military discounts like that? Just curious thanks for your time.

  • @Flapples I’m in OH and we only have a medical program. It’s pretty easy to get a card though, OH has a list of qualifying conditions. The state mandates a 20% discount for all Veterans (you do have to submit your DD Fm 214) but 3 of the 6 dispensaries here offer 30% to Veterans…then there’s Military Days…got to love good old capitalism and competition! There were 3-4 Vietnam Vets in there yesterday…closer to my father’s age (almost 90).😊🫡😎🧐

  • @TheProfessor that's awesome, that and the prescription you were talking about before makes that one of the best programs I've heard of yet.

    Compassionate use programs have been popping up in a lot of the southern and hold out states, definitely worth seeing what you can qualify for. @Flapples

  • It’s continually evolving and growing @TacticGuy. It’s definitely gotten much better the last couple of years…both in prescription quantity, and quality of the products. It could be better…but I’m not complaining!😊. I’m very grateful for the program. Medicine, compassion, and its effectiveness in adults is prevailing over politics all over the country. It’ll happen.😎🧐

  • Am in New Jersey and every despecery I go to gives military discounts with 2 up to 30 percent they diff treat us veterans very good the best they possible can .

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