Ultra Premium Redbull

This is the first of my sample buds from @MerlinsMagic. This is also my first introduction to Redbull, and I have to say it's very satisfying! The wife and I enjoyed it before, during, and after dinner last night and I'm using it as my wake-n-bake this morning.

Bag Appeal: Ok, bud appeal. The little ziplock bag is cute! Before I opened the bag, the bud caught my eye in that it looked like it had been rolled in keif maybe, like a moonrock. Of course I was wrong, after getting it out of the bag and under my magnifying light, the 2.8g, nicely cured, dense, and smooth nugget was covered with a thick layer of frosty trichomes that obscured the vibrant colors and reddish brown hairs underneath making the bud look an olive drab color, but you can still see the deep purple and brighter green underneath. It has a slight citrusy nose with a hint of both sweetness and pepper. Really a beautiful stain! Grade: A+

Flavor/Taste: The Ultra Premium Redbull produced a thick creamy smoke that's not harsh and is kinda pleasant. Smooth and citrusy, but more sweet than spicy, with a slight peppery finish on nose on exhale. A unique taste that's really hard to describe. Grade: A+

Effects: The high doesn't hit hard...at first, but it comes on smooth and strong! It's a very happy, calming, and relaxing high with the indica stoniness you feel in the eyes and a tingly feeling that starts at the top and then extends into the extremities leaving you feeling tingly all over! It's a strong indica stone that still leaves you focused and functional. It would be good for relaxing, socializing, and doing non-dangerous projects. As an indica lover, it's a great indica wake-n-bake. Grade: A

This is really a beautiful bud and a nice strain for anytime of day. I really like this strain and will be ordering more! Grade: A

Thanks @MerlinsMagic and thanks @medicineman and @medboy for great meds and superior service!😎🧐

Anyone else's thoughts on Redbull?


  • I REALLY liked it! I want to get more when my pocket allows.

  • You have a way with words my friend. This is a top tier review style. When you post your reviews you should post the titles: "The Professor's Strain Name Review", I look forward to reading more of your reviews!

  • Thanks @medboy! I appreciate the kind feedback. I’ll think about the title…you don’t think that it’s a little over the top for our little community?😊😁

  • Wonderful review!! If it's the same batch, then your review is how I felt about it 😂.

  • Thanks! Definitely good medicine @ChunksEggo8187!🤣

  • Good review- I am going to try this now when before I was not going to. I even want my brother to try it too.

  • edited July 27

    Such epic review, @TheProfessor I wish you were here to write the descriptions of everything lol. You'd have free buds forever. On that note, please email my team to remind them to never forget to send some more buds for review.

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