Merlin’s Magical Meds

Shout out to Merlin’s Magical Meds! Very good delivery and I appreciate the quality products.


  • Right there with you @Lunabelle! My Snickerdoodle Haze and Georgia Pie were delivered at 10:42 by my trusty USPS carrier!! I love this place!😊😎🧐

  • Has anyone tried the Outdoor Chocolope? I placed an order…

  • @Alex Got it Monday! Excellent sativa! Also, cap it in a jar for about five mins and the open and inhale: smells JUST like chocolate/cocoa. They weren't exaggerating 👍🏼

  • Yes I have. A good sativa if you like to wake and bake. Not speedy at all and no anxiety.

  • Hey guys, I just got my premium cereal milk and theyre popcorn nugs. I am disappointed. I have always bought premium flower, and have had no issues until now. I love Merlin and their products, but this one missed.

  • Well less stems and waste though probably but yes would rather know that before placing request

  • @ilikedogs make a comment with @medboy on your next order and we'll hook you up. Some people like the smaller nugs because there is more flower and less stem. I wonder how the high was for you? Should still be quite potent.

    Anyway, we want to keep you happy, so shoot an email.

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