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  • Not sure if this was one of my recent post, but it seems to have been deleted. If so, thanks medicine man maybe I would not have had to ask the question if things were a little bit better here. Thanks again. Have a nice day 🙂

  • @Flapples what was the question you asked?

  • @Flapples nah, I posted a review under the wrong category Sunday and deleted it while I could still edit it.

  • OK then they just deleted my post altogether. I had someone send me a response to it when I went to go look for the post it was gone and that was just a few days ago. I don't think they appreciate my question and I'm not gonna repeat it because obviously they deleted it. I got what I was looking for so I'm happy. 🙂

  • @Flapples was it the other sites topic? Just a matter of time for stuff like that to be taken down. The club was the best suggestion, thanks @TreesPlz , medicineman is still the best for bulk orders and flower, the level of communication / care Is unmatched here. What made you consider other options recently?

  • @TacticGuy I know of a couple different reputable sites but tbh this is always my fall back one I'd strictly order from here if they had live rosin and some reputable brands idk I do like trying different things also

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    That's kind of a long question, I've been buying here since 2015, different medboy at the time and different shippers, and my favorite shipper medicine love left. When I first found this site, it was actually four of us. We would all get together and order 2 -3 times a month if not more everything was great and of course, like now if you had a problem, they always took care of it. There wasn't a lot of problems though not like now. The shipping was top-notch again not like now. The other three eventually left when the other shippers left and there started to be problems, longer shipping and other issues which I wont get into. I eventually left also for about a year or so and i came back about 8 -9 months ago. and since my return I'm just not happy with the service here that's just a fact for me and the excuses, wildfires ,floods it's always something and I'm not saying those are not legitimate but there's always something and of course informed delivery? That seems to be the biggest excuse and I think it's kind of comical because you know all the orders I get from happy trees informed delivery every time perfect loud same although it takes a while to get your product from them. I'm not even gonna mention the other shipper because I don't generally buy from them as I've had nothing but problems and I actually recently bought something from them over a week ago. label says created a week ago and nothing so let's blame it on informed delivery even though it's not the post office's fault. I'm not saying there's not a problem every now and then but in my experience. I don't have a informed delivery problems every time I'm told I'm getting something I get it .I never have a problem with happy trees never had that problem with loud go back and look at the forms and see what the problem is see what the excuse always is. Also, I have to say I haven't been happy with the quality you order something nice pictures you get the bag and it's nothing but a bag of freaking little small pieces of crap that's not what I paid for or I bought indoor and I swear it's outdoor I never seen freaking stems that freaking big like a tree. There's an issue with happy trees with orders getting intercepted so I'm nervous buying anything from them. I can go on and on about a few other things, but this is long enough he trying to get the idea. Yeah I'm looking to go somewhere else. I appreciate a couple of you reaching out to me. It's not one thing in general. It's just a combination of a lot of things over my past few orders and again this one I ordered on Tuesday. I want more peace of mind when I buy I want to know when I do buy something that's gonna be accurate with the pictures and not using the same picture for multiple products which I've seen done on numerous occasions or accurate descriptions and then, when you get the bag, it's nothing but smalls or shake, it just isn't worth the hassle anymore.

  • Just want to add that I'm not looking to bash any of the shippers or this website or anything like that I've been very appreciative to everything they've ever done for me throughout the years I'm just stating my dissatisfaction at this point of my experiences only and my opinions only.

  • I hear what your saying @Flapples been using this site on/off last 4 yrs. Overall happy customer but competition is what keeps us on our toes in business. If I could recommend anything it would be to send an email confirmation when our order ships. The other site I recommended does that and it takes all the guesswork out. Ordered an O from Loud beginning of last week and no label as of now. They always make it right but the wondering and checking ID a thousand times gets old.

  • @superman38NC im right there with you ordered an oz from @LoudnCo middle last week and still not even a pre shipment!!!

  • @Wayward88 which is odd for Loud. I always get a label. Maybe our boxes are keeping each other company 🙃

  • I’ve only once had a package get delivered without showing on I.D that was like 4 years ago!

  • They definitely need to step the flower game up a natch + shipping times . Been ordering from this site since 2013 /14 . Old days with no informed delivery packages always arrived within 3-5 days no matter what shipper

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    Everyone gets cought up on informed delivery I choose to stay away from it just another way the government agencies can keep a eye on people . I Have nvr tracked a package

  • But the government already knows everything about you and what you're doing @Tac

  • Yeah, everything else that's shipped to me shows instant movement on informed delivery except here. So it's not an ID issue.

  • Just requested from loud think Fri morn and showing so fingers crossed for everyone know it gets stressful waiting and wondering

  • @Vapedad78 when you say showing like out for delivery or pre shipment

  • A large portion of it is a postal issue. Our shippers ship out daily. They aren't packing up orders, sticking labels on them, and sitting on them for a week. I get emails all the time for tracking and what not, only to realize someones package has been sitting in a USPS hub for over week.

    As many of you have stated, yes, the USPS was better for everyone a few years ago. With the push for privatization and budget cuts over the past couple of years, their performance has gone downhill.

    Once we receive an order, it's processed, sent to the shipper, packed up, a label is smacked on and it is then dropped off or shipments are picked up. When shippers hand them off they will sit on "Label Created" until they are processed and scanned at a USPS hub. When I get emails "My package has been sitting on label created for almost a week now, what's up?", about 85% of the time I reach out to the shippers and it has already been sent out, just hasn't been scanned or processed by the USPS yet. When they leave our hands it is up to the USPS to get packages to their destination in a timely manner. It's unfortunate when that's not the case.

  • @medboy I get that!! What gets me is no label or anything for a week? Just a bummer when you order thinking it’ll get here before you run out and the only thing you can get in town is delta whatever so yeah it sucks all around.

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    I'm sorry, medboy, but I disagree. I don't buy that, because it's not an issue ever with happy trees and it's not an issue with any other thing that I order. The post office isn't keeping that in the post office for a week, and there's nothing you can say to convince me of that. My recent order showed a label created on the 15th I placed the order on the 13th. The label was created on the 15th. It showed movement today. It wasn't sitting at the post office this whole time before they scanned it in. With that theory the post office is letting it sit for a week and then they're shipping it to you cross country in two days that don't even make sense. We can go back-and-forth all day long. There's nothing your going to say to convince me that this is United States, postal problem and on that note, I've been very happy here for years I'm not happy anymore. I've expressed my displeasure with the quality of product and shipping, So I am considering looking elsewhere which is why I asked the question. One other note , you place an order today there's no label created for a week. How is that the post office's fault? It's not . And this isn't personal I don't want to get banned or anything but this is a form and I'm just expressing my opinions. Thanks.

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    My recent order from Loud has no label at all. That’s why I’m concerned because I placed the order last Tues. The few times this has happened there has been an issue with my order. I’d just like to know if Loud did send it out or not. I’m not accusing them of sitting on orders but things do happen.

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    Superman38NC, one of my most recent orders from loud was the same way literally did not show a label created for about a week or so and then once it showed the label created it was actually here in like three days so I don't know. And thanks again I did pursue that. We'll see how it works out.

  • @superman38NC Same boat as you ordered Wednesday morning. @Flapples thanks for saying it

  • I'm not trying to convince anyone of anything. I speak to the shippers and customers everyday about tracking issues, so I see both sides and the frustration. I'm speaking on at the time a label is created and packages go out, yes there are plenty of times the USPS sits on packages. Just the other month @MerlinsMagic had an entire shipment picked up and for 2 weeks it didn't move and we had NO answers because the USPS had picked it up. There are plenty of instances like that that the shippers have dealt with. I'm not saying we are perfect by any means, of course there can be delays and holds, this is small business. However, our policy states:

    "Expect delivery in 5-10 business days, which include Monday through Friday and exclude weekends and postal holidays so it can take up to 2 weeks. We have cut-off times, days off, stock issues, weather issues and other unexpected delays that happen. We are not Amazon prime with a 24 hour a day crew! We're a small crew working out of our basements and we enjoy our time off too. Most packages arrive in 4-8 days however it can occasionally take longer. Please wait up to 10 business days before writing a "Where is my package?" email. Please be patient. We ALWAYS deliver!"

    We never stated a timeline for labels. As long as we get your package to you within 10 business days, we have fulfilled our duty. What happens after the 10 business day mark is another topic, but I'm sure as you all know if you have been with us for a while, no matter what we always strive for customer satisfaction.

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