Disposables vs carts - what’s the verdict?

Anyone tried the disposables? What are your pros and cons! I usually get carts but was thinking about trying the disposables for vacation! (I can’t stand the thought of cracking a cart and losing all the precious oil!)

@HappyTrees will you get putting more vapes on anytime soon? You guys are just amazing, and I appreciate your quick shipping and sweet service!!


  • Most of the disposables I have bought have been pretty good but some have stopped working before they were used up.

  • Yea, there are bound to be a few defective ones here and there, it's usually the charging mechanism or the pull. When you order disposables from any of the shippers test them when you receive them and reach out to me if there are any defective ones.

  • I was able to get the manufacturer to test individually all of the gold coast ones to make sure they are all working.

  • Disposables are more convenient, sometimes people think they are more cool looking or more discrete because sometimes people will by sight think its tobacco (until the smell lol) I've occasionally had to pull REALLY HARD if there was some oil in there that dried weird and had huge cough with it.

    I prefer the disposables myself for ease of use, however they aren't as economical.

    The regular vapes are refillable with the distillate and you can buy some fancy burners with multiple heat settings which can be useful.

    So overall it's a matter of preference.

  • Can someone help me understand, I've never bought disposables before, why are the Merlin Live Resin - Lush disposables considerably cheaper than other regular carts? I would have thought they would be more expensive given they including the pen.

  • @QuantumFlux They are not cheaper.

    2 carts Full Gram Vape Carts are $100
    2 vapes 2g Lush Disposables are $155

    You might be looking at the price for 1 2g Lush Disposable which is $85. Merlin's wanted to offer new users/customers the choice to buy one.

  • Sadly, I'm still confused, yes, I'm looking at the 1 2g Lush Disposable at $85. So that is 2g worth that includes the pen for $85, while 2g worth (2 carts of full gram vape carts) is $100. Did I just hit the bowl too hard this week and still confused?

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    @QuantumFlux the live resin disposables are either $85 for 1 unit (2gs) or $155 for 2 units(4gs). Or you can get just the cart which contains 1 g of oil each for $85 or 2 for $100. At least that’s my 2 cents. 😎

    The live resin carts are good! I prefer flower but the more recent carts have been stronger imo.

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    @QuantumFlux yes, the 2g lush disp appears to be cheaper.

  • If you are buying 1 2G Lush Disposable then yes, that is cheaper than buying 2 1g Vape carts.

    2 2g Disposable Vapes are not cheaper than 2 Full Gram Vape Carts, however you ARE getting more product for less if that is what you mean.

  • @medboy That is what I meant, phew, guess I don't have to cut down the smoke. Thanks all!

  • @MerlinsMagic I recently had a couple of Gold Coasts that did not work, but you guys took care of me, and I appreciate it! Your customer service is top notch! I usually order 8 at a time, so opening them all at the same time and “testing them” 😶‍🌫️ doesn’t or can’t always happen immediately. Received this month’s order today and my new batch was totally substituted, all 8! I understand it happens. But I got no warning and the strains are a bit different. The first one I opened came with the battery dead and hard to pull too, but I don’t believe it’s defective! Overall- my conclusion to my own question months ago, disposables are convenient, but I do like a solid cart!

  • I am so pissed at the disposables right now I probably won’t buy for a while.

    However? Take a look at your old carts and try heating them up before pulling. I think the cold from air transit clogged a number of them

  • We’re pretty low on our strains right now, will make sure they’re accurate (yours might have accidentally been swapped with another persons)

    However, get ready!!!!

    New live resin and regular vape carts are on the horizon for next week, making it happen asap

  • @MerlinsMagic i have definitely love (and recommend) the pens that you can double click to warm up or set off preheat mode! That usually does the trick to get them going if they’re just being sticky! I honestly love your refills, if have the carts available! Would y’all ever consider an 8 syringe option? Looking forward to seeing what ya got for my November order coming up! Warn me next time though if you’re swapping out my whole order! 😅 I’m an anxious girl lol!

  • @MerlinsMagic just meaning, I take forever, and too much time, to study my options and get freaked out if it is something different! 😵‍💫🥴 I’m a special case! Ha but in all seriousness, my anxiety has been more under control since I have become a customer with you, than ever before!

  • I do the same shit, research the options on in multiple sources before selecting and immediately 2nd guessing myself and triple checking I entered everything correctly then stressing till it shows lol but definitely concur been much more evened out and dealing with stresses better for most part lol

  • @Vapedad78 I think we could be best ‘buds’ 🙃

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    @Southernbellesmoker 😶‍🌫️🤝🙏🤣 paranoid self checking the window make sure coast is clear lol but shit I don't blame ya it's hard without taste test and blind and with different body chemistry and things being subjective compounded by also not exactly inexpensive makes me constantly question whether made best selection🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤣

  • Can anyone recommend a refillable vape pen. The one I have the refill hole is too small for the syringe my concentrate came in.

  • @fish_headstew either buy or save old carts and refill those!

  • @LoudnCo the Dog Walker and Mimosa pens are ready to use right, the only difference is they are refillable? I’ve only bought disposables vapes thus far. Thanks

  • @fish_headstew they sell adapters or tips for those syringes on amazon

  • @fish_headstew order yourself some of these https://pcktbrand.com/products/sprk-ceramic-cartridge. You can fill them a few times. If using refillable syringe, make sure to heat that up AND the cart you’re putting it in. Will help it flow right. Good luck

  • @MerlinsMagic just curious if new carts are coming in soon?

  • yep mee too loved to the 2 gram live resin!! wow please more!!

  • I'm getting more this week, going to try out some new brands of disposables, live resin and regular carts.

  • @MerlinsMagic any chance yall could get your hands on some honey oil or live rosin hash carts? More full spectrum extracts would make this the only market I'd consider using. Resin is good enough for the meanwhile. Thanks yall.

  • I’ll look. My cart guys are lagging, and I’m getting frustrated because I told people to look for them. But yes I’ll look for the more options

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