I've been intrigued by Chocolope since I tried and enjoyed that Snickerdoodle Haze (still have about a 1/2 left!😁). Chocolope is one of its parents and is a 95/5% sativa cross of the landrace sativa Chocolate Thai and Cannalope Haze. I decided to be daring (I'm really an indica guy) and I was looking to order Merlin's outdoor Chocolope but was waiting for something to split it with. I found it yesterday at one of my med. dispensaries and bought an ounce of 28.5% Chocolope for $225 OTD with a healthy 30% veteran's discount. I was nervous trying it yesterday...but this stuff is fantastic! An incredible wake-n-bake that is hard hitting, energetic, and fun without any racing thoughts, anxiety, or paranoia. The unique chocolate aroma and smooth, creamy chocolate flavor profile is also really nice. Anyone try Merlin's outdoor Chocolope yet? I'm still looking for something to split it with...but I may have to jump on it anyway!😎🧐


  • Sounds about right for the outdoor I got from Merlin. Great wake and bake and as you said, no anxiety at all. A great sativa....easy to get stuff done while feeling good.

  • Loved it! Got it subbed for Jack H and was NOT disappointed! Arrived the afternoon of my first day of vacation last week. Talk about a productive vacation! I was active every day thanks to the Choco

  • Great review! @TheProfessor its been a long time since I’ve had Chocolope. One of my first outdoor grows yrs ago. I’m ❤️ that veteran’s discount. Hopefully if my state becomes legal I can take advantage of that too. 28.5% must be 🔥

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    Thanks guys, @bluedreamer @OzBaxter @superman38NC three endorsements I can take to the bank! Looks like I’ll be ordering some more Chocolope!😁.
    The state mandates a 20% for all vets, but most of the dispensaries around offer 30%…gotta love competition! Percentage helps, but I still think it’s mostly about the terpenes.😎🧐

  • Ordered another two-ounce split of the outdoor Chocolope and the outdoor Blue City Diesel (another strain I haven't tried) from @MerlinsMagic.😁😎🧐

  • Sweet!! Looking forward to your reviews @TheProfessor I agree those terps are a major component.

  • Chocolope has never failed to deliver. My first introduction came with 26.1% THC and 1.73% terps. I ordered some of the current crop myself.

  • That’s what I’ve been discovering @justaguy. It feels like my new meds for anxiety and panic attacks have balanced me to the point where I’m not having either anymore. I’ve tried a number of sativas now without issue. I might have to go back and experiment with Blue Dream again…a strain that has definitely given me problems in the past.😎🧐

  • Gone! I knew I should have kept my mouth closed... 🤣

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    Yes it is @OzBaxter. I ordered that 2 ounce split of Chocolope and Blue City Diesel on Monday night, had a label Tuesday, and it landed in OH today before noon in record time. Unfortunately, the Chocolope was apparently already gone as I was subbed a second ounce of Blue City Diesel. I’m disappointed because I wanted more Chocolope and to compare it with my dispensary Chocolope, but I don’t have any complaints with the BCD. It’s my first time trying it and it’s very good! Really sticky and some really large buds with one going 4.7g. I love outdoor flower!💚😎🧐

  • Aw, man. My order gets in tomorrow, and I had my mouth all set for Chocolope too. I ordered on Monday night as well.

  • You never know @justaguy…you may get it. It likely depends on when the orders were filled. Here’s hoping you get your Chocolope tomorrow! 😎🧐

  • Awww shucks! I was hoping to snag some tomorrow with pay day. Ah well, just means it was some good med.
    Fingers crossed 🤞 it makes a comeback!

  • @MerlinsMagic So how about some more of that Chocolope love, Big Merls?

  • I missed out on the Chocolope. I got some Jack Cleaner in its place. So far, I like it.

  • I'm going to look for more. It was my sweet heart's favorite too.

  • @MerlinsMagic Bet. Appreciate you!

  • Look for the menu tomorrow, I scored a little bit of Tangielope ... get in quick cuz it won't last

  • @MerlinsMagic Bring it 👍🏼 My body is ready.

  • @MerlinsMagic did it already drop the tangielope and sativas? Idk how i missed it

  • Oh yeah! Just grabbed some Tangielope👍🏼🤞

  • @Zackarrry They just dropped a little while ago

  • @Zackarrry They are all up now!

  • @medboy thanks guys order going in now. I messed around and got some product from another site and i was highly disappointed. Medicineman truly is one of the best that do mail order mary. Product 95% of the time is on loint and the other 5% they always fix. I wont make the mistake wondering to another site again i tell you that

  • Damn see that's why I'm always worried bout looking elsewhere when more than pleased majority of time and tickets begining to become more reasonable especially deal loud was running

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