Outdoor Blue City Diesel

I found this to be an interesting and enjoyable strain that deserves a review. We ordered a two-ounce split of outdoor Chocolope and Blue City Diesel from @MerlinsMagic last Monday night and it landed in OH on Thursday just after noon. Apparently the Chocolope was already gone as we were subbed a second ounce of Blue City Diesel. It came with a freebie gummy and and an “indica” J. So, I have two ounces of BCD...I'm sure glad that it's good!

Bag/Bud Appeal: Blue City Diesel is a 60/40% indica leaning cross of DJ Short's Blueberry and NYC Diesel. Well, I have two ounces of well cured, dense buds that smell strongly of blueberry and sour berries with a note of diesel. The buds are nice and round with the smallest the size of quarters and some more like thumbs with one going 4.7g. Stem structure is minimal. This is the kind of outdoor I love! These BCD nuggets have shades of pale and dark greens with small brownish hairs and a nice coating of trichomes that really pop under my magnifying lens/light. Grade: A

Flavor/Taste: First, it's not particularly harsh, but it makes me cough every time I smoke it. That, along with loosening of the sinuses which requires tissues at hand. It could be just irritating my allergies, but it affects both the wife and I the same. The flavor is really interesting with a strong berry taste with a funky fuel aftertaste. Grade: B

Effects: I'm not sure that I remember a flower that hits me so hard and so fast. By the time I finish a bowl from my Grav glass pipe the euphoria is almost overwhelming for the next 15-20 minutes. I'm getting more used to it, but I usually have to plant myself somewhere for a few minutes to get grounded...and I'm no novice as I smoke the vast majority of the 3 ounces we use a month. This is strong sh!t for about 20 minutes, then the high drops sharply off and settles into a much lighter, but long-lasting pleasant relaxation without any sedation. This strain is also an anxiety killer (after the initial rush)! BCD is really a great any-time of day smoke/vape that doesn't sap your energy or make you sleepy. Grade: A-

This is our first time with Blue City Diesel and they say either "go big or go home," so unexpectedly, I've got two ounces that should last us quite a while. I wish the intense onset lasted longer, but overall it's a great all-day strain that is perfect for the indica lover who's got things to get done! Overall grade: A- Nice outdoor grow!

Feedback and comments are always appreciated as well as your own experiences with Blue City Diesel!😎🧐


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