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Received these delicious buds today from @HappyTrees Big buds with this order🫠 no popcorn here. Started out my day with the Tropical Runtz. Had me very motivated and functional. Great for clearing the head and producing a good mood. Btw seed alert on this one. First grind produced two nice seeds. I cracked the smaller on the grind but the larger will go in my “when things get legal” collection 😎 By the size of these buds I imagine I’ll find a couple more. Bag seeds can produce fire sometimes.

The Gelato was my after work snack. This was a sample so thank you HT! I’m assuming it’s Gelato Cake. Either way it was excellent and worth purchasing.

Finished the night with some good ol’l Flapjacks. My eyes are heavy. Just what I like. The nose on this one is my fav of the 3. Has a purple punch sweet citrus aroma. Tastes as it smells. Very satisfied with these premiums!



  • Awesome review!! I LOLed at the seed thing. I do the same 😂👍🏼

  • Yay, can’t wait for my gelato cake. Next on my list is the Cookie Crisp with genetics of GSC and blueberry, how can I not get it. Thanks for the review @superman38NC

  • All three strains sound and look great @superman38NC!! Awesome reviews and pictures! Gotta love bag seeds…haven’t seen one in awhile, but like you, I have quite a collection for one day…. 😎🧐

  • Beautiful pics!! Thank you sir! I got about 25 beans or so from the years I've been ordering.

  • Very welcome guys!! HT definitely delivers on quality and quantity. Ordered a 1/2 split and both 1/4’s together over 15gs. The flapjack 2 fat buds. No shake or smallls.
    One day I’m going to do a bag seed run only. From this site I’ve collected several over the years.

  • @TheProfessor I told my wife that if I die one day before they legalize it, she is to secretly spread those seeds on my grave... 😂

  • Great idea @OzBaxter! I won't have a grave, but I can think of some obnoxious places for mine to sprinkle those seeds...although she'd definitely hold a few out for herself!🤣😎🧐

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    😂 @OzBaxter @TheProfessor hopefully that day is a long ways off for us all. After a few nights hitting the Flapjack I’m very impressed. Burns smooth and seems to rock me to sleep. Great evening strain!

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    I hope so too!😁. But, I’m finding that a “long ways off” is relative my friends @OzBaxter @superman38NC.🤣 Twenty years used to seem like a long time, but not so much anymore.😳
    It is what it is.
    The Flapjack sounds amazing!😎🧐

  • That time vortex spins faster as you get older. Make the most out of what you are given…..

  • LOL! "Speak for yourself, sir...I plan to live forever."

    Yeah time seems to accelerate with age. But agreed, it's good to make the most of what we have. 👍🏼

  • @HappyTrees Im a first time customer with you and am thrilled. The gelato cake is on point. Love it. Buds are beautiful. Was very relaxed after smoking. I ordered Saturday, label Sunday and out Monday. Was delivered today, Wednesday. Geez what more can you ask for. Loved the blunt that was an extra. Hubby did too. Not sure what that was. Will be back Friday, Thank you so much.

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    Awesome! Glad it arrived @Rubygirl816 the Gelato sample I received is long gone. I'm now awaiting some Grapes and Cream. Once that lands I may comeback for something else from HT. For sativa dom hybrid lovers the Trop Runtz delivers!

  • Dang! I gotta get me a good solid sleep strain! What is the best one for me to choose from ya’ll?

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    @Reshi have you tried EDITED

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    @Reshi I don’t see any real knockout flower strains on the menu at the moment. @superman38NC liked the Flapjack, and Georgia Pie gives me some couch lock and drowsiness, but far from what I need. The Blackberry OG and Purple Kush from last month are both outstanding and work for us every time. My go to has been med. dispensary Snowball. Even with my tolerance, it’s some real 3 hit sh!t and out!😎🧐

  • Yes, snowball is the shiznit

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    It is indeed @TreesPlz! Best strain for sleep I’ve ever had, and I’ve had a few good ones. It’s not so popular, but popular enough that I’ve been able to keep some on hand for over three years. When I see Snowball in the area I buy it!😎🧐

  • I haven't found a seed in 5 yrs
    And don't wont to in my buds I will pay for seeds if I wont them . Bud looks good tho

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    @TheProfessor @Reshi Flapjack feels like an indica dom strain to me. Makes me very relaxed and heavy eyed. With that said it doesn’t put me down unless I’m ready. Great for watching tv! (Anyone watching the new twisted metal on peacock? Sweet Tooth is nuts lol)

  • Been meaning to get round to it but was finishing the murder pod cast show and ap bio with guy from always sunny in Philly, the one with Natasha what's her face where she can tell when people are lying is pretty funny too

  • @Reshi if you can grab some Grapes and Cream it’s my new sleep strain. Arrived yesterday and thought I’d do a little w&b..took a 2.5 hr nap yesterday afternoon. That hasn’t happened in yrs!

    @Vapedad78 good recommendations my friend! We and the wife loved Poker Face! Can’t wait for season 2

  • @superman38NC, i'm looking at placing an order and I was looking at the
    Premium - Tropical Runtz Looks awesome in the picture. Is this what you found in seeds in though?
    I'm not gonna pay premium and get seeds. Was it the same or was it a different one? Thank you.

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    @Flapples yea the Tropical Runtz has a few seeds. They are mature and very few. Sometimes when buds go to making seeds you end up with a bunch of premature seeds. That’s what I try to avoid, but understand. The effects and quality are still prem imo. Flap Jack is also fantastic, huge buds, and no seeds. The Gelato Cake excellent too.

  • @superman38NC damnit man. Now you got me eyeballing that G&C

  • @TreesPlz 😂 sorry brother. Normally I can battle through a w&b with indica dom. Not this one.

  • @superman38NC aw snap…too late. My quest continues!

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    Thanks @superman38NC , I ended up buying a few different strains from another seller. But thank you , I appreciate your feedback.

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    Absolutely! @Flapples dang I see you got banned 😬 yikes

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