Did i miss the drop?

I thought merlins wqs suppose to have some new sativas drop friday did i miss it? @MerlinsMagic @medboy



  • @Zackarrry you didn't miss it 😎. Only thing added to the flower menu was more freshies selection. Which I'm eyeing. @merlin if I buy a 3-pack of freshies can I get 3 diff packs if I specify?

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    Sorry @Zackarrry we must have missed it. According to @Tac her tangielope is already moving. Must have been a very small amount. I never saw it hit the menu.

  • @superman38NC aint no way ive literally been checking non stop. Damn. I thought he said several sativas was gonna be posted

  • I haven’t seen it @Zackarrry @superman38NC. It hadn’t dropped late last night nor this morning. It hasn’t dropped yet!😎🧐

  • @TheProfessor awesome i didnt figure it did ive been refreshing the page like 30 timea a day lol need to replenish some of my sativa stash. I will say this @MerlinsMagic there discounted wax is fire great concentratw for a steal

  • I think Tac is playing with us @superman38NC. An order placed over the weekend…or Monday morning with a delivery date of Wednesday??😂😂. That’d be sweet though!😎🧐

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    @Zackarrry @TheProfessor 😂 maybe she’s just messing with us. That would be quick shipping. @MerlinsMagic already has an impressive menu. I checked quite a few times too (need a better hobby lol).

  • @superman38NC im right there with you i need one as well lolol

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    New strains are going up. @MerlinsMagic has some new and interesting strains across the board. Looks like just the order page so far. I was looking at the Tangielope, but I wasn’t anticipating seeing Donkey Butter…change of plans!😍😎🧐. The drop looks pretty darn good!!

  • I didn't receive the update until yesterday (Sunday). They are all up now! Tons of new good looking strains.

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    I ordered before the description went up on the site and forgot to mention a preferred substitution. Hopefully I ordered quickly enough that it won't end up being an issue anyway. Super stoked for the Tangielope. This new drop from @MerlinsMagic looks incredible all around. Thank you for the sweet selection!

  • Usually make an order during Monday afternoons, in my time zone. That is when they usually add new stuff. Placed my order with what was on the menu then to find out a few hours later new stuff was added. Oh well, still happy with my purchase but would of ordered something different. Wish there was a set day and time when new stuff drops, just so purchasers know when to look.

  • This is an expensive hobby @superman38NC and @Zackarrry…but the medicinal value, the experience, and the shear enjoyment of cannabis is well worth it!😁

    I was waiting for the Tangielope and then there it was…Donkey Butter! I got two ounces of Donkey Butter smalls from Medmama in June 2020. It was so good that I tucked some away and still have almost a 1/4. Broke it out tonight (first time in over a year)…wow…the ultra premium on the menu better be 🔥, because the smalls I have are still amazing!🤤 I ordered an ounce as well as some Blackberry Kush and Skywalker OG moonrocks. I had @MerlinsMagic most recent batches of each flower and they were both amazing for sleep! Can anyone with experience with these premium moonrocks tell me if you can vape them in something like my Puffco Peak? I’ll have to give it a try regardless!! Gotta love a good menu drop!!😁😎🧐

  • I just returned home from work to the drop! Whoot whoot! Nice sativas to choose from for work!
    Now, to decide, lol, and @TheProfessor I'm probably going to try some Donkey Butter for after work because you've spoken so HIGHly of it, and we tend to like the same strains.

  • I immediately placed an order for a half of Tangielope around 4:20pm est yesterday. Hope I got it through in time. My sub choice was "Sativa" LOL

  • @OzBaxter I’m interested to hear about the Tangielope and the “road not taken.” I still have almost an oz. of Chocolope so I had to go with a sentimental favorite.😁

    Put the pressure on @MigraineWarrior79!😅 I sure hope you like it…and as an ultra premium it better be pretty incredible. It’s been quite awhile since I splurged on premium or ultra premium, but for Donkey Butter I had to. What I have is super earthy, skunky, and a little spicy…there’s nothing sweet about it. The smoke is heavy and often makes me cough, but the high is very strong…very euphoric and totally relaxing, but can also be arousing 😉. It can also easily be a couch locker. It’s just a very unique, powerful, and rare medical strain which is probably why I hung on to it for so long.😎🧐

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    @TheProfessor I guess the word "hobby" isn't the best choice 😜...cannabis collectors maybe? Many of my purchases since finding this site has been based on the simple desire to try something "new". Needless to say the collection is not looking to shabby..just need more friends to smoke with!

    I went for some Tangielope and Lemon Cake. My sativas are dwindling down in the cab so I'm excited as always. That Donkey Butter does look 🔥! Had it a few yrs back and really enjoyed it then. The Ultra Prem should be incredible like you said! Looking forward to your review. I see one of the parents is Grease Monkey and that in itself is worth the purchase.

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    I like that @superman38NC…”cannabis collectors!”🤣 That’s what I have…it’s just a collection! Mine is just more inclusive.😁🤤 I tried a lot of sativas this summer and still have 4-5 sativa leaning strains in the chest which helped make my decision to spring for the Donkey Butter. Can’t wait to see pics and read your reviews, especially on the Tangielope. I bet our collections are similar, my friend. I wasn’t feeling well Saturday and broke out the Thin Mints from early June…what amazing medicine…fixed me right up!🙂. Yeah, it’s rare that I get to share with anyone other than my wife. Oh well…more for us I guess.😕😎🧐

  • @TheProfessor @superman38NC
    Oh to be retired and have a hobby like that! 🤘I have three kids, one about to go to college. I am envious of anyone's time or disposable income to spend on the sweet lady green! I would love to have the space, the extra cash, and the ability to not smoke everything I've got (😂) in order to have a collection like you two are talking about.

    I look forward to trying to make that happen sometime in the next 20 years. Until then, I'll just have to stick with my quarter bag of greenhouse, and toking secretly in the garage 😇😂

  • @TheProfessor And it is cool that your wife enjoys the same recreational habit that you do as well, because mine enjoys red wine. Getting her to toke, even though she has no problem with it, is a rarity at best. I haven't had a smoking buddy since college. I live vicariously through everyone on this board lol

  • I also might be kind of high and chatty right now...

    sorry! 😬

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    No problem @OzBaxter…I get that way all the time…have you read my reviews??🙃
    My wife is indeed pretty cool. She’s always been my tokin’ buddy, best friend, and soul mate! She’s also a red wine drinker (I don’t drink). With the kids out of college, working, and with families 🥳 and us still working (I’m counting down my last few years) we’ve had more disposable income and we budget for medicine. Life is really good right now!😎

    Like you, all my stoner friends are here!😊 That’s ok by me, you guys don’t smoke much, you never you bogart my bowl or bong, you never leave my fridge empty or my house in a mess, and you don’t f*** with my cats! You’re all pretty cool and I’m glad to call you friends.💚😁😎🧐

  • 😂😂 Amen brother! 👍🏼🤘🏼

  • Had try the pyro and mango mintality, they sounded interesting

  • @TheProfessor

    Arousing you say?! Lol! Giddity! 🤣🤣
    My guy should likkkkkke that.
    Donkey butter sounds like an all around great smoke. Can't wait for it to come in, that's hoping I ordered in time. Haha. Picked up some Lemon Cake to test out for science of course. Lol

  • @MigraineWarrior79 Anything in the name of science!🤣 I think I read that the Lemon Cake is also good for headaches and migraines. Sounds like a sativa leaning winner! I look forward to hearing your reaction and thoughts. I hope we both got in early enough for the Donkey Butter.😎🧐

  • @OzBaxter I'm in the same boat... Loner Stoner

  • @TreesPlz LOL! "Loner Stoner" I am using that label 👍🏼

  • Shit just realized I forgot preferred subs but hopefully pyro and mango mintality are filled if not guess we'll see what shows lol, thankfully my gf is a convert and helps sample but was lone Stoner there for a bit myself but pandemic called for self care and mental health

  • @TreesPlz @OzBaxter I'm right there with y'all... Loner stoner. Miss the days of a smoke buddy.

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