Have you guys heard of thca hemp and thoughts concern's

Hey guys serious question I've been buying thca hemp from a lot of these online legal vendors and the stuff I got I swear it was sprayed tainted .. Made me feel like I couldn't breath heavy like narcotic drunk feeling not high at all. A lot of these people buying it says it's just regular weed cut early I beg to differ. I originally started buying because how cheap it is but if it's sprayed thca isolate what a scam..


  • Yeah it sucks

  • The place I purchase my cones offers this. Guy says it’s the same but I know better. They keep it in jars on the counter like a dispensary but things are still illegal in my state. I tried a gram and it gave me a splitting headache. The appearance and aroma fooled me.

  • Yeah that's the impression I get seems more like a cheap knock off not worth the risk when real real is similar or cheaper ticket

  • Yeah some one said it could be sprayed hemp buds with thca isolate since it's readily available

  • I like edibles, but smoking is a better high imo.

  • Yeah I got headache and hung over feeling the next day drank zero alcohol weird I never got a hungover feeling from weed before

  • Love my edible high but really enjoy supplementing that high toking or dry vaping flower or occasionally with concentrate but not at the expense of trading off for headache or questionable product

  • It depends on where you get it from. I've been using Exhale THCA flower as its legal in my state and I've been quite impressed with quality and results. Honestly can't tell the difference between this and normal bud. But it is quite expensive. There is nothing sprayed on my buds. You'll find Delta 8 and THC-O sprayed on buds so I'd stay away from that. The THCA vape carts are also pretty good. The reason I haven't ordered from MM in awhile is mainly because of using Bitcoin via Coinbase and the tax situation.

  • @greatspirit What tax are you referring to?

  • @antfuzz you have to report every buy/sell transaction to the IRS no matter the amount. If you check the box on your 1040 stating that you bought or sold crypto and don't report the amount, then you are at a higher risk of being audited.

  • There's no selling of crypto if you're buying it and sending it. I'm not reporting shit.

  • If you earn money investing in crypto you pay tax on THAT. You DON"T pay anything buying it then sending it somewhere else.

  • Yep, no profit, no tax! After 6 years we have $30-$40 of BTC in Coinbase. We only purchase exactly what we need to send.😎🧐

  • @Sixwaychili @antfuzz @TheProfessor

    Purchasing with crypto equates to selling crypto and is now required to be reported to the IRS regardless of gain/loss. This has already been discussed in a previous thread. Simply don't mark that you bought/sold crypto on your 1040 if you have no intention of reporting it lol. Just don't be stupid and mark "yes" without reporting your transactions.

  • You can't squeeze blood from a turnip. I ain't worried about it.

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    They can require all they want. If you want to bow down and lick the boots of your masters because you're scared of not complying with their bullshit, then go ahead and do it without me. The main reason they are able to get away with 1/100th of the crap they do is because people follow tyrannical rules because they are scared not to. Voluntary compliance and self-censorship is the main problem. They aren't going to audit everyone. They aren't going to imprison everyone. They aren't going to kill everyone. They rule you because you voluntarily allow it.

  • πŸ‘πŸΌ @Sixwaychili !! 🧐

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