Black friday disount code, not working?

Why isn't the discount code working?

Is it me?


  • It doesn’t work for me either.

  • Hey Medboy.

    Wake up. Time to make money.

    ...west coasters... they are always a little bit behind the rest of us.

    No worries. Happy turkey day!

  • I hope they get the back orders out first gonna have to go to a back alley again since the shipping has become so unpredictable .

  • Is the discount code supposed to be atomitic when you place a order. R is it some where on the page am not seeing

  • You have to enter the code above the comments on the order page... below email and above comments.

    But its still not working.

  • Looks like it's working now, guys. Got my L&Co indoor 1/2 oz for $153!

  • Yeah, sorry, I didn't expect people to try the code before this morning. I turned it on at 7am west coast time, which IMO is not bad for a holiday. But I did goof in that I didn't specify when I'd turn the code on. Sorry about that!

  • It was an 'operator malfunction'.

    The discount doesn't show up on the order check pop-up.... it shows up after you submit the order... it was my fault.

    Thanks Medboy. Enjoy ur turkey.

  • order up! (yeah, the discount is only revealed at the ending/order success screen. i remember people were bugging about that last year).

    happy day of thanks everybody, thanks MM, MB, MM, LC.

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