Merlins lemon kush / prerolls white runtz

Good evening quick question, @TheProfessor have you tried the outdoor lemon kush or the freshies white runtz? Just placed a order wanted to see if anyone had tried them. Need something for sleep and mild depression. Any feedback is welcome,haven't been here in a while. Thanks for any feedback.


  • Sorry @G4D2P0 I haven’t tried either. The Lemon Kush sounds pretty relaxing but maybe not so sleepy. I’ve tried a wide variety of runtz crosses which always seem to land me on the couch though🫠. Wish I could have been more helpful.πŸ˜•πŸ˜ŽπŸ§

  • It's cool @TheProfessor thanx for the reply I'll let u know how they hit.

  • @G4D2P0

    The white runtz freshies are really good, in my opinion. πŸ’š

  • @G4D2P0 You can take @MigraineWarrior79 ’s opinion to the bank! TBH, both strains should be great mood enhancers and relaxing.😎🧐

  • @G4D2P0 I tried the White Runtz prerolls. Definitely a strong strain! My personal fav of the prerolls is the Lemon Cookies.

  • thanks @MigraineWarrior79 @TheProfessor really appreciate the feedback, just need something to mellow me out and get some rest..pretty sure im gonna feel better once i toke on them.

    @superman38NC thanx brother, i cant wait till they arrive been taking zoloft and i dont really like the side effects from that. Been buying THCA but its not the same as this wonderful medicines they offer here. Been eyeing the GDP from loud one of my favorite strains hopefully its still up for next payday.

  • Hoping ID messed up lagging again been bout 48 hrs still no label but I know how it goes and getting close that time of year just definitely should ordered few days earlier instead over weekend but I know it'll show everything been on point lately and been happy with everything for sure

  • Not a big fan of the lemon kush pre rolls. Of the 4 strains I bought these are weakest in potency. Too mild for a 24/7 toker. Not that fun to smoke. As I work my way to the end of 12 packs, most of those remaining are the LK. The tobacco-free gmo grapes were the best. Like I said elsewhere these are convenient and a good value price wise but I bought a RAW six shooter multi cone filler and will just roll my own instead.

    YMMV as always.

  • I agree that the lemon Kush is the lowest potency. I would not agree that I had a hard time smoking it though. It was a light buzz, at worst. I think all the Freshie's are a good deal, especially if it's not trim. I would love to see other strains available in that form as well.

  • I am ordering silver haze pre rolls $129 for four.
    Got a freebie recently and W O W!

  • Apologies $139 for the super rolls.

  • Those Moon Rockets πŸš€ are something else @pap7777! I still have one left of Jet Fuel. They are indeed fire πŸ”₯. 😎🧐

  • Finally finished the outdoor lemon kush, it's ok to smoke during the day and u have stuff to do not really a strong strain but the buzz was good enough to fix stuff around the house. Now the white runtz prerolls are very good to unwind. I felt the high with those right away, felt relax no anxiety at all. Just ordered merlins greenhouse truffle cake and some makilla gorilla shrooms. Has anyone tried the truffle cake strain? @TheProfessor @superman38NC @MigraineWarrior79 any input would be appreciated it. Thanks guys.

  • I haven't tried the truffle cake @G4D2P0 but I was looking at it. If you order let me know. The strain in general got excellent reviews

  • For sure @superman38NC just placed order for half a zip of the TC, and some shrooms. You were right about those white runtz prerolls hit pretty heavy, too bad I'm done with those lol.

  • @G4D2P0

    Haven't tried either, friend. Sorry! πŸ˜ŠπŸ’š

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