Happy Trees Dabs - Wedding Cake

After receiving a subpar order from @HappyTrees a couple of weeks ago, HT stated they would make it right. With very little communication on my end I received a reship for 2 grams of Wedding Cake concentrate and 2 grams of Han Solo concentrate. I saw it pop up on the menu on Tuesday, the same day my order was received.

Last night I tried out the Wedding Cake which is a cross of Triangle Kush x Animal Mints. The color looks similar to what you see on the website, a golden yellow color. The smell is slightly sweet and the same applies to the taste. The consistency is like a batter and is very easy to work with. I do live in a very humid state so consistency may vary based on your temperatures. The effects were great, a nice Indica dominant high which lasted a couple of hours. I managed to get five straight hours of sleep last night which is rare for me. Looking forward to trying out the Han Solo this evening. If you are on the fence about trying the Wedding Cake I do not think you will be disappointed at all.

The fact HT stood up and made it right speaks a lot about Medicine Man and all of the shippers. I have been using this site for years and I see how they consistently take care of their customers. Love this community! Thanks @HappyTrees and @medboy for all you do.


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