Few inquiries about the new physcidelics....

I kinda fell off the radar from.the MM forum and ordering. My wife took all my belongings and my kids. I used to order multiple times w week all my orders being $150+. I'm really interested in trying thr clear MDMA and also tho indigo pyramid LSD. I had some shrooms that did my depression well. I also saw outdoors GDP on the menu as well. I guess my my question is that if I ordered MDMA ans shrooms or flower. Would it be possible to get a few indigo pyramids as samples. Even if I gotta pay a Lil more $. Thanks for all your services. Yall are doing God's work!!!


  • @Mr4Sher need to try the dmt bro. Amazing

  • @Zackarrry I'm intrigued but wanna start with a milder psychedelic before jumping into that. I've done a shrooms from here like twice in the last 2 years. Plenty of blotter, gel tabs, sugar cubes you name it in the past. I'm wanting to hold off a bit on the dmt.

  • Ive tried the indigo pyramids and they are really clean. Its the first time i ever done dmt i bought half g i was happy with it. Hits you hard and fast and gone in like 20 mins @Mr4Sher seemed to help with my anxiety also

  • Put a comment in your order and I’ll send to you @Mr4Sher . @medboy id you can confirm identity during the order, happy to hook up a long time customer.

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