OHIO Did it!!

Ohio voters made recreational weed legal!
I am curious how the gov of Ohio and the Lollipop Guild will try to derail this. Putting in a celebratory order soon!


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    We’ll find out in the near future. No doubt the General Assembly will have their fingers in it. I’m happy we finally did it, but I’m a bit skeptical of what legalization will ultimately look like. I’m glad I have my card!
    My celebratory order is supposed to land tomorrow!😎🧐

  • Just leave the personal grow aspect intact. 12 plants is perfect for a perpetual autoflower setup. 6 grow/6 flower. Some expect growing outdoors, I don’t think that’ll fly since individuals can’t grow within public sight lines in most legal states, iirc including Cali. Still, T-minus 29 days til seed pop, my tent has been sitting idle for too long 😮‍💨

    FWIW day trips to Michigan will likely continue to save $$$ even when Ohio finally does get rec dispensaries up and running in a couple years. Regardless, patience will be required - unless you already have a decent plug 😉

  • VA is a mess.... Legal but no damn dispensaries to buy it!

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    @TabulaRaza - Hooray for Ohio! Burn one for those of us stuck behind enemy lines (Texas) :)

    @TreesPlz - That's a bummer. Hopefully that will sort itself out quickly.

    I've experienced 3 different legal states, Alaska, Oklahoma, and Colorado. Of the three, Oklahoma has been the most disappointing. They are medical, not recreational, but that's only a formality.

    The quality of the herb there seems to be lacking. Over trimmed and too dry.

    Colorado is good, but Alaska tops my list for the best weed available.

    Of course, MedMan is the king of online smoke.

  • Oh I think Ohio is going to give Oklahoma a run for its money in terms of misery. Dispensary prices are over the top. A lot of us drive to Michigan. Just taking the win, expecting nothing to change anytime soon, grateful Medicine Man is here

  • Louisiana needs to get on board.

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