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Well my order of a half gram of MDMA came yesterday. Me and the new girlfriend both took about .1 around 4:00pm. It took less than an hour to kick in. We had the most passionate, loving and dirty sex of my life. I have truly never experienced anything like this before. We both felt so close to each other. I wanted to stay inside her body forever. It felt amazing to be touched and even more amazing to touch her. We redosed twice each and took most of the half gram throughout the evening. (Well over half). I didn't ever have a overwhelming "buzz" but felt incredibly open and passionate. At times, every hair on my body felt like it was standing up! If you are looking for something to feel closer to your significant other, I highly recommend. Although, I don't think I would of enjoyed it near as much if I took it by myself. I still was able to go to sleep around 11:00pm. And I feel great this morning. Except for being sore in my "naughty" region. My gf did experience some nausea at the end of the night but a fat bowl countered it... Also note that after some research, I decided to take some gas station boner meds.. lol. Thanks @MerlinsMagic. Also appreciate the freebies, as always. Much love!!!


  • Dude, I'm so happy for you!

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  • I had an experience like this years ago with an ex. Let me tell you, not only did we feel what you were saying, but we also talked about topics that usually we hated to talk about, which gave us good feelings this time. Meaning our bad thoughts almost became good thoughts, like we were relieved to talk it through. We grew so much as a couple. BUT!!!! Here is the biggest takeaway from what you shared: the key to both of our experiences is the fact that this is pure MDMA! This is what they want to do in physician appointments during couple therapy. The issue is that it is hard to find pure—well, not if you are a !!!!

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    @MILLoneION "an ex?!?" 🤣😂🤣 Such a great experience.... So great in fact, that things didn't work out😂🤣😂

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    Sometimes, you're just not with the right person and nothing can save it. But that was my first thought as well @TreesPlz lol

    I once had sex with an ex while tripping balls on LSD about 30 years ago. I've never felt more used and I never felt like I used someone more in my life. I actually saw horns grow out of her head. It was the most bizarre experience of my life. It may have lasted hours. It may have lasted seconds. I honestly have no idea.

    It was almost as good as arranging crayons in color order or staring at David Bowie's weird different colored eyes or watching static on tv.

  • 🤣😂🤣

  • Amazing! Good for you!

    Also, thats a lot!!! Please consider getting some 5HTP from the health store or amazon to help your neurotransmitters recover..

    A bit of the herbs the next day usually help too, but it sounds like you're already on that tip.

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