I appreciate all the input in this forum. I have a very high tolerance level and prefer a good Indica. What's on the menu now that you would recommend I try? Trying to make my purchase plans for Cyber Monday! Looking for a good flower recommendation.



  • This Permanent Marker is amazing 🔥

  • 2nd @OzBaxter! The Permanent Marker is one of the strongest Indicas (without being too sedating) that I’ve ever had from MM. Definitely a high THC strain. I got an ounce after trying a sample. I got two more when it came back to the menu. It’s that good!!👍🏼 😎🧐

  • Can any of the other Merlin Indoor flower hold a flame (pun intended) to that PM? Mint Choc Chip, Tropical Banana or White Gushers?

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    I’ve had samples of a couple of those @Jaybird922 and no, I don’t believe that any of @MerlinsMagic indoor strains come close to the Permanent Marker. The Tropical Banana and Mint Chocolate Chip are more Sativa leaning. The White Gushers is a nice indica, but nowhere near the PM. Merlin’s Ultra Premium Cherry Dosi (now gone) and UP Do-si-lato are really good, but not as good or as strong as the PM. PM ftw!🙌 😎🧐

  • I thought that may be the case @TheProfessor. Hmm 🤔, I do need a variety of flower to avoid tolerance creep. I see some new Ultras like Root Beer GMO but not in the descriptions yet. Also, Milky Belts sounds interesting.

  • I get avoiding tolerance creep with variety @Jaybird922. I’m all about variety!😉 Both the Root Beer GMO and Milky Belts sound great. Both are nice Indicas. I might have to consider one or both for Monday.😎🧐

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    The PM is a must buy for the price and quality! With that said I do experience cough fits if I try to indulge 😂 I imagine a permanent marker writing on my lungs.
    Each vender has nice selections right now @Jaybird922 I'm hoping to hear some feedback too on Merlins new ultra prems and HT's indoor such as pecan pie, Scooby snacks, and Bacio. I can't tell if it's just the pics but most of them have a greenhouse appearance vs indoor. Southern Sugar and Purple Crem Brûlée are fitting for the season.

    Can we get a peppermint mocha strain?

  • I’m down for some holiday Peppermint Mocha @superman38NC!😁. Lots of nice strains up for Monday! This has been a great year here at MM! The quality and selection have been top notch. I remember times when there was little to no selection and the menu was bare. So many great choices!😎🧐

  • @TheProfessor your FOMO Jedi mind tricks won't work on me

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    You want to order Permanent Marker @TreesPlz…don’t fight it…place the order now.

  • 😂 @TreesPlz @TheProfessor this has been an excellent year! Thx @medman I remember a few yrs back too. Very grateful!

  • Iam very grateful too!

  • Flapjack is back up 🥞! First batch was 🔥. Wow, deciding for this upcoming sale is going to be very difficult…in a great way!

  • omg guy, ok I'm placing another order for Permanent Marker. I'm making sure we get some of the fresh batch from the same grower.

    It definitely could have gone in the premium category, but since I'm getting it direct I can give it a lower price, huzzah!

  • @MerlinsMagic, and we appreciate you passing down cost savings to the customers!! Thanks so much! My fear is the PM getting subbed after we all order it on Monday…lol

  • I hadn’t ordered in awhile due to sketchy postal people. However the permanent marker was too intriguing. Encouraged that it’s still on the menu. Maybe I’ll get my order.

  • Oh my. Got the permanent marker and it's amazing looking and smelling. Can't wait to try it!

  • Well, my order arrived. I waited all week for that PM. And I thought, that since it stayed in the menu for two days after I ordered, that I would get my little half O. Didn’t.

  • Oh shit that's got me wondering what's gonna show up I requested zip of pm and zip of banana

  • I hate being subbed @leaf. It hasn’t happened to me very often, but it sucks when it does. It sounds like @MerlinsMagic has a source for getting PM so hopefully it will come around again soon. I think the second batch was even stronger than the first…excellent grower! @Vapedad78 I hope you have better luck with your order.😕

    @Sixwaychili I’m looking forward to your thoughts on the PM. I’ve found it to be close to the perfect Indica without being too sedating. I just finished up my first oz. and I’m happy to have two more ounces of the second batch that I jumped on early.😎🧐

  • Thanks @TheProfessor fingers crossed that's why I tried getting in early as could but things happen, I got a premium split from loud in route as well just in case lol definitely should gotten more previously tho

  • Thanks guys for your support. I’m not mad. I’ll get some next time.

  • @Vapedad78 I did the same. The southern sugar is very good.

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    Keeping my fingers crossed, I ordered the PM on Cyber Monday first thing... order will be delivered tomorrow. PM was on the menu until until Thursday so I am hoping it was honored.
    I would assume Merlin fills orders based on your order date and not when the label was created...

  • nope no pm for me!!Got the tropical bananas and the one time i don't put indica dom in the request i get sativa Dom as a sub. looks good for indoor nice and frosty !!

  • @cmweems1964 when did you place your order?

  • @leaf oh nice I requested gelato and gmo split requested bout 18hrs after my original pm and banana split

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    @TheProfessor Love the permanent marker! Got really ripped last night on one bowl. I agree, nice and relaxing with a great body high, but also made me start talking like it was a super sativa. Great combo! Just took my first hit right before this post and I'm feeling it already. Like a lot!

    I feel super fortunate that I got it. I didn't even list a sub.

    edit - 5 minutes later and ohhhhh yeahhhhhh

  • monday around 12pm

  • sixwaychili smoked about 2 oz of it and yes if you smoke a lot it the sativa side kicks in!

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