Labels from Merlin Monday

Anyone see a label yet from Merlin from cyber Monday?



  • Yes informed delivery says package on it's way arriving Dec 5 .

  • I never received an order confirmation, only a payment confirmation. Just contacted @medboy to take a look to make sure it was not missed in the hustle...

  • Nope..still waiting to see a label

  • Same, still waiting for a label.

  • Nope still waiting too!!

  • Ok, I feel better now... glad I am not the only one. I am sure they were slammed on Monday!

  • My label was made today

  • My order said label made on the 29th delivery tomorrow

  • My label just popped up :smile:

  • The eagle (label) has landed

  • Nov 29 ty Merlin

  • Everything moving looks just slowed from weather I'm guessing but for as busy guessing sale day was can't complain although was hoping for a small miracle that something hit today still as quickly as moving team looks to have kicked ass this holiday rush. Looking forward to hat trick finally settling in but so far looks like they're on top of things as usual and much appreciated 👏

  • Yup its not just Merlin I have a few packages from that area all from footlocker, macys ,fashion nova all are slow label created then 3 or 4 days goes by and they finally get to moving so I believe Merlin is on the business but unfortunately the usps for sure isn't.

  • Every Year usps goes to shit from black Friday untill the week after christmas and let it get real snowy up near loud then there hub gets even worse. i plan on 3 weeks this time of year and i am happy if i get it in a week!!!

  • My order from Monday arrives today Saturday. Im in the southeast. Hadn’t ordered in a while and im impressed.

  • I think Merlin is fine. How do you unload 500 small boxes at a post office and be discreet? Or how ever many they send.
    It has to go out in smaller batches.

  • I thought I was one of the lucky ones getting a fast delivery but now my order was going to get delivered Friday but now said delivery date unknown just my luck and I am all out of medicine

  • All my deliveries, even those from Amazon, are not updating since 12/1 4am in USPS system... chaos

  • Yeah went from possibly yesterday to probably Monday at the earliest 🤦‍♂️

  • I went from expected Monday to out for delivery in the next hour.

  • I went from delivery today to red “alert” processing exception 😢

  • touch down in NC from a 3pm monday order . I have had nothing but good luck with merlin for a while now

  • Johnnyblue42 i have had that one time and it was what you think it is in a day or two it turns into mail item not deliverable hope not but thats sure does not look good.

  • THANK YOU @MerlinsMagic . I'm not on here as much. I use all 3 vendors n never had luck of order coming this quick. It often takes a trip around me then comes in 10 days. For that day(Cyber Monday) with all orders they got..... I got exactly what I ordered and I'm impressed (as I knew🤞) with Jack Herer. I've often gotten subbed...but honored split. It is definitely Jack. Glad I got...haven't tried GMO Cake yet. Jack H has that awesome "old school" I call "stoned" feeling. Which I believe is now me reacting to a good sativa...after realizing most my favs are sativa dominant but I love a good indica also. I will say for outdoor n a discount I got a great haul. If ur reading this as I'm bragging I'm not at all. I'm like a "lottery winner" so you reading this could be next lucky winner. I also received free sativa jay. Label says that. I always am straight up in comments in polite manner. But if read...a person sees I understand. This time everything aligned. N our friendly delivery happen to pick up same day n that was Thursday. I have had many orders. I got off topic as I'm stoned and watching 3 games on TV. I need more TVs. 😩 Thank you you so much @MerlinsMagic for a great job as always. This time I'm just all around impressed. I was always taught you get farther being honest and nice about it. I see the negative stuff. AND I wanted to jump in at times. But I don't.
    Wen things take longer but always trust they will make it right. It's crazy to see what I've spent over the years. I don't ever get small. It's $10 extra n bigger means better price. I've gone to dispensaries. N this place matches but better price. Flower is always great. I would love to see more of the same outdoor Jack Herer. It's lovely strain. I don't need yet but just sayin and if ur a sativa person Jack H is the man. Ooooh that smell. Can't you smell ....that's another way i know real deal "cat piss". Very strong. Again thanks @MerlinsMagic. I usually don't get a response for just dropping a thanks n it's all cool. That's my review. 🤣🤣 Have a great day everyone! One Love. 🌬🌲

  • Damn lucky I ordered like 1230am just after sale started I think and delayed from today unfortunately but it'll show knock on wood

  • Delivery date unknown ---shipped Nov 29

    In Transit to Next Facility, Arriving Late.. last seen 2k miles away

  • Yeah one label that showed 1st was one the last placed during that 24hrs and was winning race now in transit but the others caught up and passed it but fingers crossed tomorrow is a good day lol

  • @Lou_lew that was a quality stoned stream of consciousness! I'll try to do one in about 15 minutes if I remember. hehe I need more tv's too! haha

  • edited December 2023

    @Sixwaychili thanks. So many games at same time. Football n basketball. Gotta love it. Some strains really allow me to see things in different perspectives. Enjoy!😎

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