Order from Happy Trees with NOTHING in package?

Recommended Medicineman to a friend and they placed an order! All went well but when the suspected package came in there was nothing but a frog sticker inside????

Not 100% sure if this is the right package but we're almost positive. Address cant be set up for informed delivery so we kinda have no clue :(

Ive ordered from Merlin, and Loud & Co but never Happy Trees, so i cant confirm the shipping address either.. PLEASE HELP??


  • Update: The package says "Received in damaged condition" ,, the goods were probably stolen or lost.. great. WHAT CAN WE DO??

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    @catastrophe have your friend use the contact form and contact @medboy and provide all the relevant order information. They will probably have to reship. Medicineman always delivers!

  • I replied via email, you clearly have a USPS employee with sticky fingers.

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