Fellow o-HI-oans!

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Enjoy your first day of cannabis freedom today!


  • Yep, but unless you have a medical card, there’s no legal adult use dispensaries yet. Looks like Fall 2024 before most adult use dispensaries will be up and running. 😎🧐

  • @TheProfessor DeWhine is trying to get med dispos to start bumping rec within 90 days. They’re deathly afraid of the black market surging out of control and also making Michigan even richer 😄

    Likely changes: only 6 plants per household down from 12, higher taxes, lower THC% ratios, and lower total possession quantity. Senate is working real hard to fuck this up but the House isn’t happy with the senate’s “disregard for the will of the people.” A few local businesses are even having outdoor patio smokeouts this weekend because the bill as voted has no clause (yet) to prohibit public outdoor puffing 😏🤣 Got my 4x4 tent rtg again with 8 smartpots filled with Foxfarm Happy Frog, BioBizz nutes, 600wHPS, Killer Kush FemAuto beans 🌱

  • @funkynugz -- sounds like you've got it dialed in. Good luck with your grow!

  • @funkynugz while I appreciate their efforts, I’ve read that most dispensaries are shooting for 6-9 months. One of my go to dispensaries is advertising September 2024 for when they’ll ready for adult use. I’m looking into growing myself. I’ve never done that and would love to give it a try. In any case, I’m going to keep my medical card up to date to avoid the excess taxes and maintain my quantity (medical patients can possess up to 9 ounces). It will be interesting (and frustrating for some) to watch the roll out.😎🧐

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