The Longest Wait (repost from 2019)

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I wonder which feels like the longest wait... the one between "send bitcoin" and getting that confirmation email "Your payment has been received! Expect delivery in 5-10 business days" or "Label created, USPS waiting for package..." and the actual delivery.

Both seem to have their own drama. My wallet, once I click the send button, doesn't tell me anything until the transaction has been completed on the other end. So, after making sure everything is correct, I hit 'send' and poof! there is nothing to even indicate I just sent anything at all. The only thing that changes is the amount remaining in my wallet.

Did it go through? Did I just blast a sizeable chunk of my monthly check into outer space? Was that wallet address properly copied and pasted? Did I get the bitcoin numbers right? Why wont Texas legalize already?

Then I get that wonderful confirmation email that says I did everything right, and I can expect a uniformed postal official to bring me a wonderful package full of what is hopefully the choicest Kind money can buy. I can imagine elves working somewhere in a Santa Claus like shop happily singing catchy tunes while they personally tend to my order. Fa, la, la lala, la, weed is on it's way!

Now comes the checking of informed delivery, where I go check the status of my delivery. A lot. Checking. Checking. And then... all right! A label has been created. That tells me I have a box somewhere with my name on it waiting to be carried with the utmost care, using white gloves, to a transporter reserved just for my package.

Once in a while that transporter takes the long way, but in the end there is that wonderful notification "Package delivered to your mailbox" and, in my case, when I go to town to pick it up I can see the glow emanating from the mailbox like an angel was inside just waiting to be released.

I carefully take my treasure home, where I open that treasure and enjoy the best that nature has created... and bam! Before I know it, it's all gone. I still wonder how my mooching friends know I have scooby snacks...

And so begins another cycle. I wait for my check to come in, and once the funds hit the bank I place an order.

And so begins another circle of life. :-)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, y'all!



  • I’m juggling three orders out there. Waiting on the chocolate ordered Friday, premium small ordered Saturday, and today I ordered the Pushin P.

  • My order yesterday cost a lot in network fees but damn if I didn’t get a YOU’RE PAID UP! confirmation email from MM in like 1-2 minutes after sending. Jaw dropping.

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