Fast Label

I am already seeing a label from my order yesterday, thanks @MerlinsMagic


  • Very nice. It's been 8 days and still haven't seen one.

  • @Pooinaloo hopefully your order just shows up, it has happened to me before!

  • Me too. Eight days and no label from Merlin. In the meantime, I ordered and received my loud package.

  • @friendsofbillw I hope so. I know the usps is a mofo during the holidays

  • Ordered on the 15th using the discount code, landed today on the 18th. Super fast shipping considering the weekend!

  • Guess getting split into smaller boxes or something held mine up since ordered the 11th and late 13th and again later on 14th and still waiting on all

  • @Vapedad78 Any news on ur packages? Mine have been in transit since the 16th. Hopefully the get here by Saturday

  • That's what I'm hoping @G4D2P0 . Did get a label created and in route finally from my last sale request which was the pushin P to sample from loud supposed to touch down pre x Mas but rest is still surfing the void

  • @Vapedad78 I have two orders out there. One is two weeks old from Merlin with no label. I’m starting to feel upset about that one. The other is about ten days from Loud. I think I ordered in plenty of time to get here by Christmas. All my other Christmas packages have arrived.
    After careful planning, it looks like a dry Christmas. Disappointed.

  • Yeah idk what the deal is but very last one from loud is only thing showing a date is very last sale item and rest just vanished but praying for a miracle today or tomorrow latest 🙏🤞 for everyone still waiting

  • I’m just bitching. Should never post in the early morning when I can’t sleep. But I do it anyway.

  • Trust me I get it, it's disheartening unfortunately for sure but the team always comes thru in the end just a little inconvenient but thankfully I'm not totally dry and learned that lesson at least but it's getting little closer than would like and others depending on me as well but I'll make sure they're Xmas is happy even if has to be belated just was hoping I had it under control this year for once lol

  • And my other order from Merlin is Chocolope. I ordered it looking for a less known bud after the Great PM Fiasco. Unfortunately the description hadn’t been posted and I failed to look for a review elsewhere. I might have been a little high….So, I’m getting a Sativa. That should be fun.
    Merry Christmas

  • Pretty sure heard people liked that one at least

  • @leaf I’m an Indica lover and just really branched out and carefully tried some sativas this past year. One I really like is Chocolope. I find it provides positive mental and physical energy while still feeling calm, relaxed, and a little stoney. I now have several Sativa leaning strains that don’t agitate my anxiety. I hope the Chocolope treats you well!😎🧐

  • @TheProfessor thank you. I’m looking forward to it. I’m learning to enjoy the Sativa more but only occasionally. The wife won’t touch indicas. Apparently they make her hungry.
    The Puchin P just received today is very nice. It has a citrus aroma from light green fluffy buds. The smoke is light too. Easy to smoke and very relaxing.

  • Man at least you got the pushin P none of the 4 things was waiting on even since 11th processed the 12th ended up showing by today so thank God had stuff left over but totally screws my plans up for people Xmas gifts and whatnot unfortunately but even one that still said was supposed to show today didn't end up making it

  • Twas a Christmas miracle of sorts on the day of rest, when low and behold an unexpected delivery notification rang through the air. while dad in his lounge clothes, sprang to door to see what's the deal. He came to find 3 of 4 items been desperately waiting for had been left just in the st. nick of time. Man was stressing and sweating that out but somehow majority besides the pushin p made it but rest well make the wait much more pleasant. Appreciate yall @MerlinsMagic and @LoudnCo and @medboy and entire team please excuse my ranting and venting during this stressful time of year but this definitely helps getting through it. Cheers 🍻

  • The post office gets crazy over the holidays... we do our best.

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