Lsd blotter and MDMA crystals... amazing.. to say the least

Guys and gals, wanted to share recent experience with the lsd blotter and the mdma.
Also shout out to @medboy and @MerlinsMagic for the best products.

First off, I have a ton of experience with both mdma and lsd. Have even produced some in a past life when I was young, dumb and had the resources to do so. Anyway only reason I mention any of this is.. both are very clean.. I made a decent purchase, so I actually took the time to test both batches and both are exactly as described and most Importantly very good quality.
First the mdma... it's crystal clear, personally tested to be free of any fentynal, or any other harmful substances and literally some of the best mdma I have had. Great body feel, sex is amazing and even better a little rave doctor or vitamins after use and I felt like I hadn't done anything the night before let alone stay up till 3am. Crush it up very good and insert into pill capsules. Crushing is important for consistently absorbing into the body. No 5 capsules are perfect for 100mg and no 4 will do up to 220-240 each. I consistently load 100s to keep it simple, but to each his own.
Only suggestion I have is the first dose we did 2g per kg. Next dose I will up it to 3 as the hangover persay was next to nothing and come down was very easy. Slept 6 hours straight.

Lsd blotter. First try took one blotter tab each. Had the best example of pure singe hit you can ask for. Watched fear and loathing and my stomach hurts from laughing. Have since stocked up on both and would definitely recommend doing so as this consistency of clean products is few and far between. Would recommend both in the top 5 of all time use of each. Hope this helps anyone on the fence as there are a limited number of reviews active. If anyone has any specific questions do not hesitate to jump in.


  • In my youth (think late 70s through early 80s) I’d eat 4 squares/doses (tabs I guess) of sheet blotter at once, though we considered tabs to be microdots. Sugarcube was also popular. We never knew what to expect dose to dose back then tbh. Some batches were rough af physically like the devil was grabbing your backbone. I wonder what this new age stuff is like in comparison.Though at 61 with health issues it’s not really on the menu for me anymore.

  • Thank you @Hideurself . I’ve been sitting on the lsd, mdma,mda and love potion waiting for the rite moment. Your review is motivating . Any experience with shrooms?? Are the trips similar with lsd??

  • @Marc_Emery I have had the shrooms a couple of times, personally the shrooms mess up my stomach a little so I tend to do them in non traditional ways like making my own capsules so u can just take them in liue of having to eat them whole. The effect from shrooms can be similar to lsd however I find that the shrooms very quite a bit by strains as to whether the visuals are super strong or are more of a body high sometimes with the lower psilocybin levels.
    The blotter here is dosed very well. One tab last right at 6-7 hours, great laughter and visuals. Two tabs will be enough to get the super bright visual and lose thought on earth for a minute or two at a time, 3+ tabs and you will be going good for a while!

  • Also first original post has a typo that I missed... for all "its 2mg per kg of body weight" not 2 g.... big difference missing the m lol
    Fat finger typing. Sorry!

  • funkynugz yes the micro dot days dam that was 25 yrs ago!!! I am to at 60 tried the lsd 2 wks ago 1 sqr was all i did and it was speedy for me and lots of colors but not what i thought it would was ok but did not hit me like old ass memory said it would. I am not into the speedy highs guess thats why i smoke heavy indicas and get paranoid with some sativa hybrids.

  • Lemon juice/orange juice for 20 minutes for shrooms- look into it

  • @Marc_Emery I’ve gotten a lot of the shrooms and they’re all pretty good. Melmac PE and Manifest have been my personal favorites, but the Golden Teachers are also pretty good. Great visuals on the Melmac, Makilla Gorilla, and Golden Teachers. Definitely hard to get them down though.

  • @idkman49 if you like shrooms but have a hard time with stomach, take macho man’s advice and soak it in lemon juice for 20 min prior.

  • Oooh yeah!!!!

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