Merlins Discount Outdoor Mendo Purps

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Just got a half zip of Merlins discounted Mendo Purps. It smells super nice. Like berries and grape maybe a hint of skunkiness. I'm a big fan of most purps. Purple Urkle being my fave. But I haven't had the pleasure of trying mendo purps yet. I really don't see why it was discounted. The buds are nice sized and fluffy. Covered in trichomes. It does have a few sugar leaves but not an insane amount. It does seem a touch dry though. Maybe thats why it's discounted. I threw it in a jar with an Integra boost pack. That should fix the dryness. Unfortunately I'm not currently indulging due to a drug test next week. That should give the Integra time to do its magic. I'm super excited to try it and also have a little of louds UP Cherry Pie Kush ordered. That way I'm good to go after my drug test. I will report back and leave a review of the taste and effects after indulging. If anyone else received this strain please share your opinions. Thanks!


  • It’s been awhile since I’ve had Mendo Purps @Mr4Sher, but I’m a fan of most purples as well. I took a long look at it, but I’m pretty well stocked. Looking forward to your reviews after your test!😎🧐

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    Could finally indulge in Merlins Outdoor Meno Purps that was available at a discount, a few weeks ago... I'd been wanting to try Mendocino Purps for a long time since I love most purps. Like a lot. Grandaddy Purp, Purple Urkle(my fave), Purple Kush, Purple OG Funk, Grape Ape, Purple Runtz. Just a few. I've loved em all except Purple Punch. Which Purple Punch tastes and smells excellent but for some reason doesn't hit me hard at all. I've tried a few different batches from different growers, some better than others. But all lackluster compared to all the other purps I've tried. Mendocino Purps is in the lineage of almost all these strains so I've been waiting on a moment to try it. The 1st night I was drinking and the GF and I smoke a j. It was instantly relaxing and induced the munchies HARD. Take not this is after a month T break. Next day I really wanted to give the strain a fair review so I went with my Dynavap. Vaporizing is the best way to consume imo cuz smoking burns off a lot of the good cannabaniods. So I loaded the Dynavap. 1st hit, which if you are familiar with Dynavap is mostly a Terpy hit. Lots of flavor! Second hit, same bowl, still great flavor but more of a vapory hit. Third, and final hit. Got a huge cloud buy not as Terpy. Started tasting like burned kennel corn. As it should!!! Well, a great buzz for mid afternoon. Not too stoned to function but relaxed and happy. Followed by munchies. All and all I recommend giving this one a go if it becomes available again. Good outdoor weed!!!

  • Sounds like a winner @Mr4Sher! Great review! I’m a big fan of outdoor bud and enjoy the purples too. I’ll have to check it out the next time it comes around. Thanks!😎🧐

  • @TheProfessor could I get a copy of the Cliff Notes. My attention span is pathetic.

  • I think he liked it @leaf !🤣🧐

  • That’s all I need to know. Thanks!

  • @Mr4Sher fyi. Your post was good. I was just picking…

  • @leaf You're good bud. I tend to babble sometimes when I'm stoned... On another note, I got some of Louds UP Cherry Pie Kush out for delivery today and my hopes are high!

  • @Mr4Sher looking forward to your confirmation that CPK is 🔥. The only other strain from Loud that has my attn is the GH Chemdawg.

  • I think it was just a bit older is the only reason

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