White Tahoe Cookies

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Not sure if anyone got this yet, but that sure does look like fire and its parents are two of my favorite strains Tahoe OG and GSC. (Also The White, which I know nothing about) If I didn't already have about 10 times as much as I need, I'd be all over it. Whoever gets some, please review!

I bet this is good for pain and sleeping.

Maybe I'll get a small amount just to taste. :)


  • Oh and I just read on Leafly that Moon Boots is one of its offspring, which is another amazing strain.

  • Tahoe OG is one of my best strains for sleep. I’ve only had dispensary White Tahoe Cookies once and it was outstanding.

    The wife and I love us some Moon-boots @Sixwaychili! Awesome strain, especially for walking, hiking, or just being outdoors. @MerlinsMagic @LoudnCo @HappyTrees please find me some Moon-boots. I’m good for a qp!!

  • @Sixwaychili I ordered a split with that requested. If I receive I’ll definitely review! Agreed looks 🔥

  • Very much enjoyed moon boots, one and only time was able to snag any

  • Hit up the WTC last night. Was pleasantly surprised how relaxing this is. It didn't knock me out, but I dreamed all night which is rare. Woke up with no grogginess feeling refreshed. All these new HT strains burn nice, minimal harshness. Loud had a purple alien Tahoe last yr that was excellent. If I see Tahoe I’m grabbing.

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