Subbed again.

Ordered purple Thai as soon as it listed. And I got lemon meringue instead. Seems to happen to me often.


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    The lemon meringue isn’t bad though

  • Sorry about that...I'm taking stuff off as soon as it's reported but always an order or two will slip through before its taken off. The best thing is to write your preferred subs in the comments.

  • @medboy thank you for responding. You know I can be a little bitch sometimes. So it’s all good. In fact, I’m enjoying the lemon now so everything’s good. I might buy more.

  • @medboy now if you could fix the post office. Those people are loco. My stuff has been sitting in a dist center for almost three days.

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    @leaf yeah it happens. It is super aggravating. I ordered a split of Greenhouse Apple Fritter and RS11 on feb 25th. They wrote that they were out of Apple Fritter and subbed ice cream cake. That's fine if they were out but the Apple Fritter is still showing on the board almost a month later..... like wth!!!! I love this site but if you got wat we order please send it otherwise don't leave it up on the board for months after you sub us saying your out of the strain!!!! My ol lady and I were really looking forward to the Apple Fritter! But all in all Medman and merlin are the absolute shit!!!

  • @Mr4Sher the lesson I learned is to provide a second choice in the comment section. Something I rarely do.

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