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Scooped up some of Merlins Banana Punch and let me tell you I wish I had gotten more...
Huge Thanks to @MerlinsMagic and @medboy for getting this amazing product.

The Smell
Upon cracking the bag I literally had to do a triple take at the label and the smell and nothing left but to wish I had gotten more. The Banana 🍌 hits you right in the face then the sweet sour punch follows. It makes for some of the most pungent smelling weed I have had In a long time. A lot of strains have these cool names and frankly they all kinda taste the same for the most part. This strain stands out! Do you remember the blueberry of the early 2000s.. this is a severe reminder of another fruit strain that nails the smell and Lingering fragrance left behind.

The Nugs

They are large, fluffy, medium green, absolutely 100% covered in crystals. See pics dont take my word.. The best part of this bud is the cure.. it's so spot on.. again reminders of days of the old. Remember those nugs that were so sticky you could break in half and they would stick to your hands yet weren't still moist? The last decade most buds are dried beyond belief to prevent molding in mass storage environments. This bud is amazingly sticky, yet cured, 10 out of 10.
The second you see the pics you will know this is a strain to get and one I will remember forever.

The Flavor
The name says it all again. In almost the exact manner you smell it the taste comes through. The first thing you get is Banana 🍌 and it's a great compliment to the punch that follows it. The two combined leave a taste that makes me want to go back for more everytime!

The High
Upon first inhale the flavor is so mindblowimg I almost forgot to judge the hit. Followed up with a second before I realized wow, this is an amazing buzz with a hair of a creeper high. I found it hard to finish a bowl as I would be so excited by the flavor that I would rush the first few hits then captian distracto comes in. Either eat, nap, work, read, but am so high the last thing I think of is smoking.

My all time favorite strain from Merlin ever! I wish I had gotten more without a question and hope this is a heavy hitter that stays around for the long haul.

Really need scratch and sniff pics because without the smell it can't be done justice!!



  • Yeah I was very pleased with it and the Wonka bar both are really decent stuff but BP might me slight winner over the Wonka, it's structure reminds me more of permanent marker than BP but not quite as in your face as either of those while still definitely on same teir

  • Thanks for the excellent review and pics @Hideurself and a sound endorsement! I love a good score. I've got some local Banana Kush which shares OG Kush with the Banana Punch. Similar, but the Kush is extremely sleepy. The Banana Punch sounds more versatile.

  • @Hideurself excellent review <3

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