USPS f'ed for anyone else right now?

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I have 4 packages, one from merlin, 3 from amazon, all stalled and say "delivery date unknown" with no scans for 3 days now. Is there something going on? I shouldn't be affected by that bridge collapse, but maybe it's wreaking havoc for the entirety of the USPS. This hasn't happened since the beginning of covid for me.

And this is the first time that amazon has delivered late, even with USPS. They do lots of 2 day deliveries with USPS.


  • If it’s going through Atlanta then expect three days extra delivery time.

  • Finally started moving and supposed to be here today. I never saw it with Amazon packages before...

  • Yes I’m experiencing the same thing with Merlin for some reason every time I order from them specifically it takes forever for them to ship going on day 4 now😞🤦🏿‍♂️

  • I have to stand up for Merlin. If you've noticed over the past couple of months, Merlin get their orders packed and shipped fastest of all. Thank you for that.

  • Everyone experiences are different from others but thanks for sharing that with me @MaryBB

  • I definitely agree @MaryBB but this was just a post about USPS who delivered everything late, including Amazon packages. I haven't had a late Amazon delivery in years.

  • @JDzazasmoker Usually we get the mail out the day we get the order. Please email medboy if theres an issue and it lags over 10 days. We did have a longer delay when we moved our base of operations but that only added a day or two depending. Occasionally if something is backordered we will wait a day or two so you don't get subbed.

    Not getting your medicine when you want it is a super drag, and definitely part of why we are near good post offices and work hard to get it quickly.

    Hope you give us another chance, but feel free to take care of yourself however feels best.

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