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What’s with the high service fee all of a sudden on cash app, is it bc of the bitcoin halvng?



  • @Marc_Emery must be. I used LTC

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    Yea this is a real bummer. I can't send BTC from my wallet for less than 200 right now. Crazy

  • The struggle is real... 😯

  • I went to place an order at 6am EST and the fees were close to $100. I'm waiting . . . hopefully they come down later today . . . the cost eats up all the 420 savings

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    i tried and the fee was 40 so i opted for the free 24hr version

  • Damn I must have lucked out, did it literally when he posted the code last night and was only $20 bucks on over 2k. Try litecoin as it usually has Way less fees. Coinbase has it if you normally use cash app, and it's very easy to setup. Pretty sure once activated on coinbase you can do up to 1k of transactions your first day of activities but i did find varies per person for some reason. Seen as high as 25k and as low as 500 daily limits..

  • I also opted for the 24 hour lol anxiously waiting to get my confirmation email and hoping what I ordered doesn't get bought up

  • Yeah I went with the free option and still waiting for it to complete but wasn't paying high fees just for quicker transaction unfortunately

  • @Pfenn and @Vapedad78 I need your patience!! I wouldn't have fingernails or bud left by the time I got the notice, so I set an alarm last night to get up and buy before the rush, in hopes I get what my preffered options were, as well as try to avoid the craziness with it being doge day, 420, and btc halving basically simultaneously..

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    @medboy just checking if your seeing LTC payments make it over? Ordered early am couple diff orders. Got payment completion just no confirm emails..I don't won't to miss that Sour D 🤙🏼😎😂 Thx! Happy 420 everyone!

  • Yeah I waited the 24hts too. @Hideurself $2k god bless!

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    @superman38NC you do not get LTC confirmation emails, but if it was confirmed on the block chain, you should be good to go. I've used it before.

  • @Marc_Emery yeah took advantage of the sale and the sweet assortment of moonrocks and ultra premium available. Buying bulk made my per oz price with the discount too much to pass up. Also stocked up on the orange sunshine and geltabs. Which btw, a complete different note @Marc_Emery If you haven't tried the orange sunshine tabs.... do not make another order without some. It's the best the site has ever had by miles.

  • @superman38NC. yes I'm getting them all. I have to manually confirm LTC orders so sometimes it takes a bit.

  • @medboy Is the discount still valid if we place an order today but don't pay it until after the discount period is over? Since the payment window is 96 hours I was thinking I could still place an order and hopefully the transfer fees will be back down to something I can actually afford within that time.

  • Hey only ended up takin bout 12 hours to finally get wen 2nd transaction and confirmation email with the free 24hr method

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    @MissingGuts Yes but pay within the 96 hours

  • Appreciate the sale and 96 hrs will be more than enough time

  • Feel like I should have taken advantage of sale more but damn storage and funds are a bitch lol

  • We will keep the code live until at least tomorrow. However the notifications on the site will go down later tonight.

  • @medboy thank you

  • Just looked up the current transfer fees for BTC....on 4/20 the average transfer fee was around $128.00 or so. It just under $20 on the 19th and about $35 on the 21st. Hopefully prices go back down soon. I imagine that mining BTC is like everything else in that supply and demand will drive pricing. Lots of Bitcoin moving on 4/20 means prices will be higher.

  • Hoping my transaction gets confirmed before the 4 day cutoff. Not sure why the fees I'm seeing are much higher than that. @medboy what happens if the payment comes after the 4 day window?

  • Fees came way down, 90 on 4/20, 68 on 4/21, about $4.75 on 4/22. Hope this helps.

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    I don't know what I'm doing wrong then. They want me to pay over 50 bucks to have a chance at it going through. I don't know a lot about the different networks and what not to send BTC. Been using green wallet up until now and never had to pay more than a couple bucks.

  • Well I figured it out. Assuming anyone cares... I've been using a multisig wallet, whatever that means, this whole time. Now I'm stuck with it unless I want to pay.

  • @RandomGuy. fees have been ridiculously high for a few days. I do have a couple stuck payments coming in. If your payment comes in after the 96 hours we will honor it just let us know!

  • Multisig I believe is safer but yeah I haven't messed with one that I'm aware of so not sure but I do need to get my trezor set up

  • what has happened when only 1 transaction shows up on the block chain ?

  • Hopefully it finally processes cause don't think it's good usually if no second transaction but obviously they know better than I would bout their end but good luck and fingers crossed it gets worked out bro

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