Happy Trees Indoor GAS CANDY!!⛽🍭🍬🍫🔥WHOOO THAT SMELL!!

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Hey Guys and Gals, I hope everyone has recovered well from 420!
This review is for the Indoor variety offered from Happy trees Called "Gas Candy"

Appearance: Nugs are nice size ranging from quarter/half dollar in diameter and same length to some of the larger being finger length. Tons of purple hues with dark green undertones. Absolutely covered in Trichomes standing out like a sore thumb thanks to the dark leaf background. _ LINK FOR PICS BELOW_

Smell: The second I cut into the vacuum sealed bag I had to look around, (even though I was in a safe place) because I knew immediately there was no hiding this one! The super Gas KUSH/Skunk hits you right in the face and is followed by a mystery of a pungent I would describe as a sweet undertone. One bud of this strain will have your whole house smelling like you got a pound just waiting to consume!** It's Fire nose for sure!**

The Cure: To the touch on the outside they are nicely cured, once broken into the trichomes are still nice and fresh and will leave you fighting with the nugs if you are breaking them apart by hand. These buds are honestly as good as some of the Premium lines offered but being sold as indoor.

The Taste: Upon first inhale, the gas, skunk I will call it slaps you like Mike Tyson, then as you exhale you have a wild euphoric rush of sweet/pepper undertones. I love the combo and leaves me coming back for more.

The High: Remember the Mike Tyson comment above.... This ones a hitter! not for work or trying to get a whole lot done. Hybrid strain with a ton of punch in the gut. One hit will do a good job if your after a quick hard hitter, but don't try and do so inconspicuously, as the whole neighborhood will know you got some GAS CANDY and want you to share!

The conclusion: Super Fire smell, packs a great punch, but not for work! If you normally look for premiums and things that stick out, this is a sore thumb, because it sticks way out with a great price, super smell and a punch that will leave you couch locked if consumed in that manner.

The wildest pics you have ever seen of this strain!! 4k digital microscope, check out the Trichomes on this strain!

As Always, huge THANK YOU to @medboy and @HappyTrees for the great Medicine!


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    @Hideurself Thanks for the reviews! Looking at these 4k digital microscope pics is wild lol

  • @HappyTrees Just added some more clear 40-50X zoom pics of the Trichomes on both this and the Jet fuel, Thanks again for the amazing medicine!

  • I have no idea how you had enough time to post all these reviews and pics so quickly. @Hideurself You should definitely be getting some free samples in exchange for your reviews!

  • Awesome reviews @Hideurself, you made me pull the trigger on a couple of them! Keep up the great work. Your in depth reviews and incredible photography is much appreciated!

  • @Sixwaychili and @friendsofbillw
    No problem at all, I appreciate the words and went a little wild during the sale. Still have a few more strains to post reviews for, I should have them done in the next day. Pics are done but the posting takes time. Glad it helped!

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