Merlin's Indoor Zoap (Rainbow Sherb X Pink Guava) Hybrid - STRONG!! 💪🫢26% THC average 😲😳

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Ladies and Gents, Back to share another grab from Merlin.
Merlin's Indoor Zoap! This one is a Hybrid cross of Rainbow Sherbert and Pink Guava. Very Heavy hitter, average is over 26% THC

The Appearance: The Rainbow! Mixed greens throughout the buds with purple hues and wild red and orange hairs all over accenting the crystal clear Trichomes that are covering the buds entirely, wild looking and hard to justify the colors in pictures.

The Smell: Upon opening this strain you will note the fruity fresh citrus with a hint of cherry finished with an earthy/woody undertone. Not super pungent, but definitely not lacking a thing.

The Cure: Outside of the flowers are a tad dry, however this is very accurate for this strain as when its not cured properly up front it can be very hard to grind as it just rolls and clogs. This batch I would call an 9 out of 10, with a 10 being perfect. Only change I have made is added a 58% moisture pack to see if I can liven up the outside a little. Again using 58% not 62%, as in no way is this dry, just doing this to maintain the terps and cure it has over mid term storage since I am not consuming it all at once.

The Taste: Upon First inhale I note an earthy flavor with a subtle cherry/berry hint, finishes with a smooth almost cream like exhale very reminisce of a gelato strain. Nice addition to any method of smoke that will entice the mind and taste buds.

The High: NOT FOR WORK... Besides that is amazing. One of my go to strains for unwinding after a long day, before a big meal. Will definately help with trouble sleeping or people with heavy anxiety that prohibits sleep. high stress job and want to unwind, this is your ticket.

The Conclusion: Fairly new strain that has lots of upside, if you like a heavy hitter that will have you forgetting where you have been, this is the strain for you. I have stocked up on this, as you cant get a much better of a medicine for a sleepless nights or a troubled mind.

Link for pics below, this Hybrid is a looker and a performer! Be sure to check out this wonderful example of a new hybrid that few have had the chance to experience.

As Always a big Thank you to @medboy and @MerlinsMagic for this amazing Medicine!

ALL taste testing for these reviews is performed with a laser smoking device for a fuel/element free uninhibited smoke source that has no alternate flavors, butane, or other chemicals to burn providing the purest, cleanest, highest flavor experience available for the most accurate flavor profiles in the world.


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    Just ordered a small bag of Merlins Zoap! I'm usually partial to indica cuz most sativa make my mind race way too much. And cause me to have the most insecure thoughts of myself. Like all my self confidence goes out the window after hitting some sativa. Sucks. I also really dig the sedating and pain killing effect of most indicas. Hope this zoap lives up to the hype!!!

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