Merlin's Indigo Pyramid LSD = Happy😊, Laughing😆, Outgoing🙂= FUN!!!!

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Ladies and Gents, I have done a full review of all 4 offerings of LSD currently available on the site but went ahead and stocked up on Merlin's Indigo Pyramid LSD. below is some brief info on these in particular as well as,
Here are the two links that contain the reviews for the other offerings referenced if needed:

The Appearance: Small Blue/purple Gel tab pyramids, 100ug each pyramid

The smell and taste: NONE

Proper Storage is extremely important for LSD, This type of LSD is the longest lasting due to the active ingredient (LSD) being encapsulated in the gelatin that the tabs are made out of. This acts as a semi protective barrier preventing the rapid deterioration due to exposure to UV and high temps. Recommended storage is in a sealed package void from any outside light, with moisture prevention packs in a location that is freezing or below 32F.

Potency The best for Happy, Active, Concert going, group setting experiences. One of the other offerings of LSD may be stronger on a per hit basis, but this stronger offering will also induce psychosis much easier due to the uneasy feeling that comes with the heavier head experience, so while in the settings mentioned above the indigo pyramids are the best Ever experienced and will yield a very FUN duration and are by far my favorite all around LSD.

Duration Of course this varies based on dosage vs metabolism vs food in gut vs age etc. but on average in general in my experiences with this particular offering a single hit is very clean and can be asleep, comfy dreaming like a baby in 8 hours from start. 2 hits the event will last 8 hours and be 10 before your asleep.

Images: Some images of these beautiful Indigo Pyramids laced with Gold flakes throughout, they look as mesmerizing as the punch they carry.

Please do any of the substances mentioned herein responsibly and set aside the proper time and places to do so. These are very powerful and cannot be "turned Off". Stay safe and as always if you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask!

Huge Thanks to @medboy and @MerlinsMagic for providing this amazing Medicine for the mind and soul!


  • Nice! Do you keep all lsd and md in the freezer? I tried the blotter but didn’t enjoy

  • @Marc_Emery lsd yes, MDA or mdma no, it's fine at room temp. Lsd is definitely a mind deal, setting and mind clearing is super important before your journey. If I have had a bad week I will steer away from psychedelics in heavy doses as they can bring things in the mind to the forefront without intentions to do so and without experience pushing these out it can effect the entire time or just linger preventing a good time and almost is an irritant. Hope this helps!

  • @Hideurself what dosage would u recommend for beginners? 1/4 of the pyramid? I tried shrooms and I did ok with 2-3 grams.

  • Did any of them have less of a body load? It always makes my back stiff throughout the trip and that's probably the most uncomfortable part of lsd for me.

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    @G4D2P0 I would start with one Pyramid and see what you think. If you have had 3g of decent shrooms you will be fine and will be a good time! I find I always enjoy the experience more if I can get out and experience nature a bit as it seems to not be as tense however if you are in a city setting or busy environment i would recommend to hang in and watch TV can be just as fun again depending on setting, intention, and who you are with will play 100% into your experience.

    @Pfenn my top two are the orange sunshine from loud and the indigo pyramids from Merlin. Both are a very good clean experience with little body tightness etc. The liquid is pretty heavy experience all the way around.

    If I had to pick one of the two to say to try, I would say the indigo pyramids only because they are not as strong of a single dose. The orange sunshine is an all out banger but will cause a little overwhelming feeling when it first comes on as it hits like a loaded freight train down a hill..... once you do a little the orange sunshine 🌞 experience is like no other and worth trying for sure but not first go around or if you get the overwhelming tightness when it hits..

    Lastly to this comment, I used to suffer from a similar feeling and realized it was my anxiety of the trip/experience itself. Try this and may sound stupid but I promise it works.. the day you plan to indulge in the goodies. Before you do so, get a massage. Try and really indulge and let your mind think about nothing and try and release the tension. I always have the most opening, mind blowing experiences and have others do the same with the same results when i follow this regimine and best part no tightness anywhere. Some can get away with somatic exercises which you can watch online, I however am too high strung for a video of anything for that matter to have an effect. I have done lsd over a 100 times since 18. So if you have any more questions do not hesitate to ask. I do have a pretty high stressed job so replies may be off hours but do keep an eye on the forum as it's a good break from reality and I really enjoy the interaction of like minded folks around the country with a common likeness in the forum and products used throughout.

  • See I used to be a huge psychonaut and did a ton of acid and shrooms, dabled with dmt and a bunch of research psychedelics but that was like a decade ago. I've had some recent pleasurable experiences but I think my anxiety throughout adulthood has skyrocketed 😂 maybe it's having more responsibility and realizing I'm not invincible but I think that's my main issue because I use to take wayyy more than I could handle now(it wasn't a specific dose then either so that doesn't help) but the trips I use to have were wild and now I barely trip and I get anxious way easier so that all makes a lot of sense. Thank you so much for the insight! I wanted the liquid because of the price per dose but I might try the pyramids if I decide to get any

  • Thanks. What are your thoughts on the love drops ?

  • @Marc_Emery I do like the Love drops a lot and have to order another bottle soon as I am out.

    I always make sure I have the following plans set.
    1) I only use them at home or alike, they have historically caused myself and others I have used them with to have to go to the bathroom within 30-45 mins of ingestion. Not a big deal, however a fact so I make sure to prepare and not be somewhere that would be an issue.

    2) I always make sure I eat a good quality meal before the event, they can make you not want to eat following the event so having a good base of nutrients in the gut is important.

    3) I prefer to do it alongside MDMA, I find one dose of love drops and 80mg of MDMA is an amazing combination and of course, not to mention, with a significant other is the way to go, but not required at all. You can have some of the most relationship opening/saving conversations while on love drops, or mdma, or the combo mentioned above, so its not all about sex, but does increase endorphins so of course if sex is the realm of events... WELL, its better than normal.... Massages, any kind of touch is exaggerated so feels better than normal. Muscle massagers can be wild on neck and back once worked into it.

    4) Drink lots of water and I use the vitamin hydration packs in my water every other bottle or so, that way after a good nights rest, I can wake up take vitamins and have a good breakfast feeling good, not like I have been hit by a loaded semi if I didn't prepare and drink enough. Vitamins and breakfast are super important the next day to feel like a million bucks, even if you don't feel like it per say, your body will appreciate it way more than you can imagine.

    5) I always make sure I have essential oils going and scent inhalers on hand, this is an amazing experience your senses don't normally benefit from however while on either MDA, or MDMA, or both, they will heighten these senses extremely and essential oils will provide a mind-blowing feeling of breathing and clearing and just make the experience better!

    6) Stay cool while on either MDA or MDMA, they will increase internal body temp so while hot tub sounds fun its usually not a good idea as your senses will be overrun before your body tells you its too hot.

  • Amazing you are a machine of psychedelic knowledge thanks!

  • @Hideurself thanks for the info!

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    I haven't tripped in over 30 years because the last time I did it I think I almost died. I came to the conclusion that if I tripped one more time, it would be the end of me. I had progressively worse trips leading up to that last one. I also had undiagnosed asthma at the time and think I had a brutal asthma attack in the middle of it. The trip was so bad that I spent hours staring at my watch just to make sure that time was still moving so I was getting closer to the end of my trip.

    That was on 4 hits of LSD and 3g of shrooms after drinking all night.

    It's a bit sad, because I had so many amazing trips before that and psychedelics are a huge part of who I am today.

  • Respect, you guys! Just wondering about a massage during MDA dosing? This is really getting more therapeutic now in my mind. Luv the Lambs Bread too!💚. Blessings MM and MB!

  • WOW @Hideurself what an excellent recommendation.

    @Sixwaychili bro, 4 hits is a lot? If you want to ease back in try 1/4 omg.

    Im sensitive so even 1g mushies can send me interdimensional... and I wouldn't combine until I have the strains under my belt and embodied.

    Follow your own guidance of course and look into creating a good container, as I think that would help a lot.

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